Are You An Anxious Patient?

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Not all patients are strong enough to face dental procedures with bravery. Many are anxious and nervous individuals who fear all sorts of dental treatments, may it be simple scaling or more complex extractions and implants. Dentists in Pakistan suggest that sometimes it is the innate fear of pain, and at other instances it is the prevalence of complex dental problems such as extreme sensitivity or traumatic dental history – all these reasons call for visiting the dentist near you, and this might just ring a bell for anxious patients.

Sedation might be one plausible solution for anxious patients. Whether you are willing to undertake multiple treatments in one visit, or just have simple fear for dental procedures sedation may sound the ultimate rescuer to all your physical and emotional discomforts.

Best dentists in Pakistan contend that oral sedation is one affordable and non-invasive method of addressing concerns of anxious patients. It is both comfortable and safe, and involves the use of sleep inducing medications so calm down panicking patients. Sometimes these medications are administered before the dental treatment and often during the treatment as well. In comparison with over-the-counter sedatives or sleeping pills, the medications used for dental procedures are more professionally dispenses, and tend to be more potent in providing a significant level of amnesia.

IV sedation is another possible route, only administered by a professional registered medical practitioner, who continually adjusts the sedation levels to suit the specific needs of the patient. Gagging problems are significantly reduced in IV sedation since it allows changing and adjusting the dosage of sedation on need basis. The medication is administered directly into the bloodstream of the patient through an injection.

Yet many patients might be apprehensive in taking sedation medications, both orally and through IV. Nitrus oxide is an available option which offers light sedation and is generally administered through a nose mask throughout the procedure. The patient is left much less aware of the pain and hence less anxious, while still being able to interact with the dentist.

Finally, Penthroz is the most feasible option for anxious patients who are not even comfortable with an sort of dentists-administered drugs. This is essentially a form of an inhaler which can be used whenever you feel pain or anxiety. It is self-administered and hence offers a great sense of confidence and security to the patients. Penthrox inhaler uses 3 milliltre vial of methoxylurane, which is just like any other inhaler, providing around 30 minutes of pain relief.

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