Are Dental Implants Safe in Pakistan

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Photo of Dental Implants in Pakistan with a closeup of some denture treatments.

Dental implants are replacement of missing tooth for both Function & Aesthetics. Dental Implants in Pakistan are relatively new compared with other developing countries. Yet there is an increase of awareness amongst people, it is getting popular and desirable treatment option for patients with missing or rotten failing teeth.

Dental implants in Pakistan are becoming popular Replacement treatment option. The expat Pakistanis get treatment in Pakistan as the cost of dental implant is quite low compared to UK, Europe United States of America and Canada. Dental Implants in pakistan are safe mode of treatment provided best professional advice taken by patients. Those who wish to get dental implants from Pakistan need to do research on dentist or dental implantologist providing them dental implant.

Don’t jump in making decisions and make sure you understand the treatment cost & future care. Your dentist must give you an idea on the end result and longevity. Social media reviews and history of a dental practice can help you in making decision. Dental implant is technique sensitive procedure which requires optimum training and vast experience. Dental Implant placement demands crucial steps before its placement which includes detailed patient health and dental assessment and careful treatment planning. This is the key to success which requires clinical and specialized radiographic assessment by an experienced operator for the success of dental implant.

Not every one is a candidate for dental implant & there are patients who do not qualify for the procedure. The patients need to find out the correct diagnosis and treatment of missing teeth or bad teeth by the dentist. The fixed prosthesis for a full mouth is a complex treatment only to be offered by a specialist. We have to make sure that our dental service provider has been truthful and professional in making the decision. Dental implant procedures and operators are not regulated in our private practices. There is no civil law suit on clinical negligence. There is hardly any information available to patients on Procedure and clinical competence of Operator or dental implantologist. Dentist with lack of experience and knowledge about dental implants start placing implants as it is another source of income.

Dental implant suppliers are also placing dental implants and encouraging unskilled dentist to place dental implants. It is very important for every individual seeking for dental implant treatment to investigate and search for a Certified, experienced dental implantologist to help you restore your smile with function and aesthetics.

For more details, please read more about Dental Implants in Pakistan and/or book an appointment with a dentist.

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