Dental Trauma – A Form of Dental Emergency

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An acute dental condition that needs an immediate response to an individual due to pain or unease is referred to as dental emergency. This might include a broken tooth, a lost filling, a damaged crown, a dismantled bridge, and trauma due to fight or road side accident. Dentists in Pakistan advice is to take an immediate action in such a situation, call your dentist. It should not be delayed as it could cause further damage.

Best dentists in Pakistan suggests that any damage to the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity should get treated as soon as possible. While it is more common with children between the age of 8-12 years. Dental trauma can occur in virtually any stage of life due to any reason per see.

Dental traumas that need emergency Treatment:

  • Crack on the tooth with no visible loss of the tooth structure – there might be a visible fracture or craze line but no mobility of the tooth. Vitality testing is advised in such a situation. Visit your dentist for consultation and treatment might not be required.

  • Tooth fracture – there might be loss of tooth surface confined to surface. However, there might be no mobility, calling only for smoothing of the edges and re-attachment of the tooth fragment, dependent on the size of the fracture.

  • Crown and root fracture – this involves the root part, but not necessarily the pulp. Since there is mobility, there might be pain as well. Then the most viable treatment remains  root canal on the advice of the dentist.

  • Root fracture – there might be a fracture involving the cementum, the dentin and the pulp, with some portion of the root displaced. This root fracture is visible radiographically, and the appropriate treatment is extraction on root fracture.

  • Loss of tooth- In case of loss of tooth,  we can offer you an immediate tooth replacement by Dental Implant.

We at offer services for treating all dental Emergencies. We are available 24 hours a day to serve you better. In case of any dental emergency, you can seek assistance with the best dentists in Lahore and rest assured of the quality of diagnosis and treatment. We value our patients; we value your life.

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