How Forceful Brushing Can Affect Your Teeth & Gums

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Brushing and flossing are crucial for fighting plaque and to keep your teeth healthy and clean. But Have you ever heard about the problems that can be caused from brushing? Yes, it might surprise you because we have come across such cases.

It is definitely important to brush your teeth but it is more important to do it correctly. However, all the best dentists in Pakistan claim that brushing too hard can be almost as worse as not brushing at all. If you also brush too hard or too roughly, you can damage your gums causing it to move away from its original position; also causing enamel to wear off thus making teeth sensitive. Let’s discuss the adverse effects of hard brushing in detail.

Constant Irritation to the Gums

Brushing too hard, choosing the hard bristled toothbrush or pressing the bristles against teeth with too much force can definitely lead to several oral problems such as receding gums. Constantly brushing in this manner will cause gums to swell and move down their original position thus exposing the sensitive part of teeth. Such conditions not only make the teeth sensitive to hot and cold but also makes one concerned aesthetically.

Worn out Enamel

All validated dentist in Pakistan agree that brushing too hard have worst and long term effects on teeth and gums both  as it can wear down the enamel layer of your teeth. Tooth enamel is one of the hardest substances in the human body. Once it is worn out, underlying layers are exposed making the teeth discolored, sensitive and more prone to decay.

The Enamel layer will not repair or heal naturally, thus you will have to meet the best dentist in lahore near you to restore your teeth. For a detailed discussion on how to brush and what products are best for you to use feel free to contact us at Dental Aesthetics and book an appointment.

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