Let’s Talk about Veneers – Non-Cutting Veneers

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That lovely bright perfect smile is no more just a dream. Veneers is the ultimate solution at hand. And you need not worry about the cuts and pain, because non-cutting veneers are the next best thing in town. Dental Aesthetics offers state-of-the-art technological innovation in the field of veneers, to straighten your teeth for a perfect smile.

Porcelain veneers have always been the ultimate solution to a perfect smile. However, the most prominent concern regarding this technique has been the removal of the tooth structure prior to placing the veneers. Nevertheless, with the advent of latest technologies and constant research and development in the field of dentistry, non-cutting veneers have emerged as an optimal solution to create a beautiful smile without cutting the teeth. And there are quite a few options available – lumineers, durathin, pearls, and many others.

As a general mechanism, these no-prep non-cutting veneers are adhesively bonded onto the facial surface of the teeth, without requiring any grinding, cutting or filing down of the tooth structure for placement of the veneers. No local anesthetic injections are required in majority of the cases, and the process if quick and much less uncomfortable.

Non-cutting veneers are a suitable intervention for adults and adolescents seeking to address their cosmetic dental concerns and conditions including:

  • cracked or chipped teeth
  • discolored or stained teeth
  • spaces between teeth
  • pointy, fanged, or misaligned teeth
  • worn teeth
  • slightly crowded teeth
  • for a smile makeover

However, what you need to understand is that these zero tooth reduction veneers do not work for everyone. Every patient and his tooth record varies, and so does case selection. An experienced cosmetic dentist in Pakistan is best equipped to select the case, with a call of experience. Non-cutting veneers, then, provide long term feasible solution for straight and white teeth, with zero reduction of the tooth structure.

Moreover, not all situations call for fixing non-cutting veneers. For instance, Veneers dentist in Lahore suggest that slightly crooked teeth can be treated through instant orthodontics, but the same is not advisable for misaligned teeth, which are better treated with braces of aligners. Similarly, if your ultimate goal is to get a whiter and brighter smile, your dentist might recommend you non-cutting veneers with a combination of other teeth-whitening treatments.

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