Oral Health During Pregnancy

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Child is a Blessing From God. Every Expecting Mother should expect bodily and hormonal changes in this time period. And you need to be well-versed with the importance of sound oral health during and after pregnancy. While expectant mothers might have tons of important intriguing stuff on their mind, it definitely does not mean they can neglect their teeth and gums. Changes in hormone levels during pregnancy potentially increase the risk of oral health issues, including gum disease and small round raised areas on the gums known as pregnancy tumors.

Pregnancy Gingivitis

According to dentists in Pakistan, “the hormonal changes in your body during pregnancy are largely also accountable for swollen gums, leading to a condition termed as pregnancy gingivitis.” The gums may bleed often and you might experience increased sensitivity. Hence, the dentists then recommend adopting a proactive stance, recommending frequent visits to the dental clinics, professional teeth cleanings, and regular brushing and flossing, at least until your baby is delivered.

Morning Sickness and Oral Health

Morning sickness is one of the primary concerns of pregnancy. And not many women know that it can be closely related to oral health as the acid from your stomach can be strong enough to contribute to tooth erosion. Similarly, at later trimesters of the pregnancy, women usually suffer heartburn and acid reflux, whereby the gastric acids have a similar impact on your teeth. In such Conditions best dentist in Pakistan recommend for routine dental check ups and proper tooth brushing as the Dental Enamel is at risk for erosion.

Pregnancy Tumors

In more grave situations, some expectant ladies also develop alarming dental concerns called “pregnancy tumors”, primarily due to those hormonal changes. But although the name makes it look life-threatening, pregnancy tumors are generally non-malignant. The growths most often appear during the second trimester, and look like little raspberries that form between the teeth. Your dentist can remove them if they cause you discomfort, but in most cases, the growth will vanish after your baby is born.

Dentists in Pakistan recommend that visiting your dental consultant should, therefore, remain a top priority during this crucial phase of your life. It is critical enough to keep your mouth as well as your baby healthy during this stage. And contrary to popular belief, seeing your dentist for a teeth cleaning and dental X-ray is safe while you are pregnant. Feel Free to book appointment with Dental Aesthetics and discuss your concerns.

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