Patient’s Review On Dental Implants

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We have seen very nervous and anxious patients coming to #DA for various Dental procedures, however, more anxious ones have been those who come in for surgical dental procedures.

  1. We #DA team council our anxious, worried and apprehensive patients and assure them of pain free treatment.
  2. They leave with a wide smile that shines bright as there fear is gone. Here is a review from one of our very nervous patient who had his #dental implant done at #Dental Aesthetics.

“My visit to dental aesthetics was for my painful tooth, for which i was told that it was not in savable condition, required immediate removal. I was already aware of the tooth removal but was fearful of extraction and then what next.

After thoroughly reading up on my dental condition over the internet, I booked an appointment again with Dr .Shazad mirza @ Dental Aesthetics

Thankfully the team has the best dentists in Lahore, Dr Shahzad answered all my questions i was scared but got comfortable, less anxious about getting extraction and implant procedure done at the same time with his promise of pain free work. To my surprise, whole procedure was pain free it calmed me down. i am very happy that i got it done and most importantly pain fee.

I am much thankful to the team at Dental Aesthetics. They have taken me on board as a lifetime patient.”

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