Royal Crowns For Teeth – Uses, Types And Benefits

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A dental crown works as a tooth cap or covering that shelters a tooth’s visible portion above the gum-line in order to restore its shape, size and length so that it looks good. Unlike the dentures, these remain permanently on the teeth or crowns, once cemented. Whenever you will want to get them removed or replaced, you will have to visit a dentist in your nearby area.

 The top dentists in Pakistan recommend dental crowns only when tooth is damaged or decayed badly or can’t be repaired or bonded restored to its ideal form through fillings or other methods.


  • Restores the overall look of decayed teeth
  • Provides support to a dental bridge that serves as a replacement tooth
  • Restores the look of a broken or damaged teeth
  • Enhances the appearance of teeth


Crowns are divided into different types depending upon the type of materials these made up of.

  1. All metal crowns
  2. Stainless steel crowns
  3. All ceramic crowns
  4. Crowns made up of Porcelain and metal

All Metal Crowns

All metal crowns, as the name indicates are made up of just metal. A high quality metal crown is made up of gold. However, various other alloys can be used during manufacturing process. The other metals could be silver or white gold. These are recommended when durability is required. However, dental look with the metal crowns could be a little concern therefore, these are applied on molars.

Stainless Steel Crown

These are the most durable type of crowns. These don’t match with the natural teeth, so can’t be applied on the front teeth.

All Ceramic Crowns

Made up of purely ceramics, this type of crowns provide most effective teeth restoration if prepared by an expert ceramist. Ceramic crowns could be prepared while using different types of ceramics depending up on the dental need of a patient. All ceramic crowns are either hand-crafted by dental professional or could be made out of single ceramic block by a computerized milling machine.

Ceramic crowns further vary in their types as some are best to match with the look of your natural teeth whereas other colored ceramic crowns are not as good.

Crowns Made Up Of Metal And Ceramic

The type of crown is an amalgamation of metal and ceramic and is durable enough. These crowns could equally be used for front and back teeth.

If you want to get crowns for your damaged or decayed tooth, fix an appointment with your nearby dentist.

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