Smokers’ FAQs to Oral Health

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Smokers’ FAQs to Oral Health

Smoking is one of the leading concerns of all generations alike. Dentists in Pakistan are alarmingly concerned about the significant amount of damage all tobacco related products cause to the teeth and the overall oral health. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the oral health of smokers.

How Does Smoking Affect My Oral Health?

People know in general that smoking is harmful for health and that it can cause serious damage to the oral cavity as well as many other serious problems. Among the less severe circumstances are bad breath, teeth staining and minor gum infections.  Medium term impacts include serious gum infections and tooth loos. However, smoking can also be a leading cause of serious fatal diseases such as severe oral cancer.

Why Do My Teeth Get Stained?

Tar and nicotine in tobacco and tobacco related products harm the enamel coating of the teeth. They cause the teeth to discolor in very short amount of time while heavy smokers suffer from virtually brown teeth.

How Are My Gums And Teeth Effected?

Smokers are more prone to catching bacterial infections and bacterial plaque which then lead to serious gum diseases. Smoking also restricts the level of blood flow to the mouth which results in lack of oxygen. This in turn slows the healing process of the infected gums, which further aggravates the situation. Moreover, dentists in Pakistan suggest that chronic gum diseases can eventually lead to tooth loss in adults.

What Solutions Do I Have At My Disposal?

Best dentists in Pakistan suggest that the smokers use special toothpastes which are a little more abrasive than ordinary toothpastes. Whitening toothpastes easily available in the market are quite effective at removing stains from the teeth. For bad breath, the smokers are advised to use fresh breath products such as mouthwashes. Although they somewhat mitigate the problem of bad breath, they will really not cure it.

How Can Dentists Help?

You should definitely visit the dentist near you much regularly. He will carry out regular examination of your oral health to ensure your teeth and gum, and the mouth in general, are in healthy condition. He will also examine your tongue, cheeks and throat for any harmful symptoms or conditions that may prove dangerous in the future. Also, he will advise you the best toothpastes and mouthwash to maintain healthy oral health.

What Extra Care Should I Take?

Ideally, you should quit smoking. If not, then you must take special care of your oral health to protect and elongate the life of your teeth and gums. Keep a closer check on the health of your mouth in general. Visit the dentist near you regularly. Use whitening toothpastes prescribes for smokers. And regularly use mouthwash and mouth rinses to avoid bad breath.

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