Teeth Whitening As Part Of Your Beauty Regime

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Are you tired of your dull smile? Are you an addict of coke and colas? Does your day has to start with a cup of coffee or tea? Well, throughout an average person’s life, it is very common to get discolored teeth because of our lifestyle.

There are a few people who are lucky to have a white smile naturally, but many of us have stained teeth that gets even more dull due to our habits. As Enamel wears off by acidic foods/ drinks, grinding of teeth, natural aging and scuffs, the underlying yellowish Dentin comes closer to the outermost surface, giving an even more yellowish hue to the teeth.

There are many myths floating around the society regarding teeth whitening procedure. Is whitening bad for your Enamel?

tooth whitening services

Does it cause tooth sensitivity? Does the pearly white effect wears off easily and get worse than before? Does whitening weaken or abrade the Enamel? Is professional whitening procedure safe? If I wish to whiten my teeth, do I use home remedies instead? We, at Dental Aesthetics, are here to clear your queries and misconceptions.


 Why Should I Choose Supervised Whitening Treatment?

 There are a variety of teeth whitening methods; which include; professional whitening procedure, whitening strips, abrasive whitening toothpastes, whitening mouthwashes, at-home used charcoal and banana peel etc. But among all of these, professional whitening procedure stands out to be the most effective one. The reason of its efficacy is the optimum percentage of bleaching content present in the whitening gel which makes around 30-40%.

However, the amount of bleaching constituent is very less in whitening pastes and mouthwashes. So it is almost impossible to remove the heavy stains and discolorations with these over-the-counter products. These products are only effective after the in-office whitening procedure. Because their mechanism is just to maintain the pearly white shade achieved after whitening procedure and cannot produce the white shade.

Whitening procedure is performed under the supervision of the Dentists which makes it safe, comfortable and effective. There is a light source, Halogen, UV or Laser, that is thrown on the teeth surface to activate the bleaching gel. There are 2-3 cycles to carry out the whole procedure.

The Best Dentists In Lahore agree with the productive results of In-Office whitening procedure. We, at Dental Aesthetics, enhance your smile by lightening the shade of your teeth up to 7 shades whiter. We advise patients to use home whitening kit to overcome the effects of tobacco, tea, coffee or colas. With the use of home whitening gel, patient can maintain the white shade despite the consumption of above mentioned foods/drinks.

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