Tips To Choose The Best Toothbrush For Your Teeth

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Your toothbrush is getting old! You would be needing a new one soon, so you decide to visit the market to buy a new toothbrush for your teeth. Standing in front of the Isle, it really becomes difficult to decide which is the best toothbrush as there will be a huge variety of brushes of all colors and sizes along with amazing features which makes you more confuse. Ugh!! So, what actually matters for your dental care while selecting a toothbrush? Let’s find out below.

Select Appropriate Size

Not every size of a toothbrush is suitable for everyone; therefore, make sure the size you are choosing is not too big or small for your mouth; rather it should be balanced enough to comfortably reach all the areas around your teeth. According to dentist in Pakistan, for adults, a tooth brush head with a half inch wide and one inch tall would be the best choice. Usually, when a tooth brush is over-sized, it becomes difficult to brush along the jawline and back of the molars. The toothbrush should have long handle so that you can easily hold it and brush your teeth comfortably.

Soft, Medium or Hard Bristle

Soft bristle is the most comfortable and safest toothbrush for your gums and teeth. But the softness, medium and hardness of the bristle also depends on how vigorously you brush your teeth and the strength of your gums and teeth. Certified dentists recommend soft bristled tooth brushes but it should be ensured that the bristle on the head of the toothbrush has round tips.

Powered-tooth Brushes

Electrically powered toothbrushes are fun to use. It’s a good alternative, but it’s for those, who are lazy in brushing their teeth. Everything has its own pros and cons and a good thing about powered toothbrushes is that it cleans the teeth more efficiently and effectively than manual tooth brushing. If your teeth still need cleaning, then book an appointment with a dentist near you and get them cleaned in one sitting. The bad thing would be that, it’s expensive and if it gets damaged then it needs to be replaced.

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