What Is Teeth Whitening And The Procedure Involved?

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What Is Teeth Whitening And The Procedure Involved?

Have you ever felt complex because of a glim and dull smile? Do you want to brighten up your smile to enhance your personality and charisma? Well teeth whitening is perhaps the best solution for your worries.

Teeth whitening, medically referred to as teeth bleaching, is a procedure that lightens the teeth complexion and helps to remove discoloration and any stains present on the teeth surface. It is amongst the most popular dental procedures practiced by cosmetic dentists in Pakistan as well as worldwide. This is essentially because it greatly enhances how your teeth look and adds a charisma to your overall personality. However, what you need to understand is that teeth whitening is not a one-time procedure. You will perhaps have to visit your dentist quite a few times if you want to maintain the white bright smile.

Let us get the facts straight before we discuss the procedure itself. The outer layer of the tooth, the enamel, is essentially responsible for reflecting and scattering the light off the tooth. It combines with the color of the dentin under the enamel to collectively reflect the light which then gives the actual color of the teeth. What remains imperative to understand is that it is your genes that affect the smoothness and thickness of your enamel, and to a great extent, the color of your teeth. Interestingly, thin enamel means that the color of the underlying dentin will show more, while the smoothness and roughness of the enamel will also affect the reflection of light and hence the color of the teeth.

According to cosmetic dentists in Pakistan, with everyday routine, a thin coating called pellicle forms over the enamel which causes discoloration and staining. The pores inside the enamel hold stains, which then causes the teeth to look dull and yellowish. There can be a number of reasons that can lead to teeth discoloration and staining, including (but not limited to) using tobacco, inadequate brushing and flossing, consuming dark-colored liquids such as coffee and red wine. Also, ageing is a major factor that contributes to lessening the brightness of the teeth and thinning of the enamel itself.

So here’s how it works. Teeth whitening in Lahore is basically of two types; vital whitening and non-vital whitening. Vital whitening is performed on teeth which have live nerves, while non-vital whitening is done of those that have had root-canal treatment done and do not support live nerves any more. For vital whitening, a gel containing hydrogen peroxide is applied directly to the tooth surface, after which a specialized light or laser activates the gel and fastens the bleaching process. For root-canal treated teeth, a whitening agent is placed inside the teeth and put a temporary filling over it. The teeth will then be left this way for several days and the procedure may be repeated until the desired shade is attained.

Hence, if you feel your teeth would benefit from teething whitening, consult the dentist near you.

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