What to Know Before You Go For Teeth Whitening?

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Teeth whitening is getting more popular and more accessible as more and more dental treatment options are being discovered and we are becoming more conscious about our appearance. However, due to lack of awareness about professional teeth whitening treatment, most of us end up at using harmful whitening methods and products at home that can harm our teeth.

If you are considering teeth whitening option, you must read this before jumping in – because it is all too easy to become disappointed with your treatment when you don’t know the details about them.

What to Know Before You Start?

The following are a few points to remember when planning to get your teeth whitened:

Start With Healthy Teeth

Go for teeth whitening only if you are sure that your teeth are healthy. Going for teeth whitening before addressing crooked teeth, cavities, gingivitis, gum recession or other issues can further create problems for you. Moreover, it will be waste of time and money as whitening will not have the same effect on damaged teeth. Remember, only a validated dentist in Pakistan will discuss all of this with you and not take your money without explaining this to you.

Teeth Sensitivity

One of the most common side effect of teeth whitening treatment is temporary teeth sensitivity. It usually lasts for almost 24 hours after the teeth have been exposed to the whitening gel. Not everyone experiences this and the dentist will give you a paste to apply on your teeth that reduces it. In certain rare cases, pain relievers may be used.

Results Vary

The results that you get after teeth whitening treatment depend on what shade your teeth were like when you started. Some people think whitening treatment fixes all previous damage to their teeth. Remember, the better you have cared for your teeth – the greater the results will be. If you have attended all your dental checkups, received professional treatments from expert dentists in Pakistan, brushed and flossed regularly – the whiter teeth will appear after treatment.

Whitening Doesn’t Last Forever

Teeth yellowing is a part of the aging process of teeth and they also get stained due to foods and drinks we consume. Therefore, any teeth whitening treatment will not last forever. Mostly, the results last for 2 years but it also depends upon how well you take care of your teeth and what kind of foods and drinks you consume. Eventually, your teeth will show a slight relapse in shade. However, your dentist will often suggest a follow-up treatment after a few years or suggest a home whitening kit to help you maintain the brightness of your teeth in the long run.

Teeth whitening is a safe dental treatment option for most people. However, it is important to know the facts before you jump in and get it done.

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