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Get Perfect Wedding Day Teeth

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 Get Perfect Wedding Day Teeth

4 Ways to Get Perfect Wedding Day Teeth

Winter is here and so is the wedding season. If like thousands of other Winter grooms and brides, your big lifetime moment, your wedding day is finally arriving, then you need to read this blog. Then, we all can imagine, it would have been a flurry of activity over the last few months to prepare for it, especially with efforts to look your absolute best. And we all just hope, you remembered everything—including your smile, right? If you did, kudos to you.

Your wedding day is one of the most significant and important days of your life. The last thing you ever wish for is to look back on your wedding album and feel embarrassed by the appearance of your teeth and smile in all of your wedding pictures. Your smile is an important part of your personality and thus merits its own special attention on your most special day. If, however, in all the hustle and bustle you were not able to give your teeth the attention it deserves before the wedding, no need to fret. When it comes to your smile, it is never too late to make it the best SMILE by undergoing teeth whitening Lahore treatment.

Depending on your dental situation, here are four ways to achieve a more confident and attractive smile.

It takes a little bit of time and some preparation to get perfect wedding day teeth. Hence, it’s best to get started right away with a plan. Whether you want a full smile makeover or you simply want to improve what you already have, our cosmetic dentists at Dental Aesthetics can make that happen! Scheduling a cosmetic dental consultation with Dr. Shahzad Mirza is a great idea as this will allow him to hear your concerns and together you can create a treatment plan that works perfectly with your wedding timeline.

1. Straighten Your Teeth with Invisalign

Crooked teeth are embarrassing but so are unattractive metal braces. Forget conventional teeth straightening methods like fixed braces and try Invisalign clear aligners in the months leading up to your wedding. The clear braces solution uses invisible polyurethane plastic trays to gently shift your teeth into a straight and nice-looking attractive position.

Because your Clear aligners are custom-made trays for your mouth, you will follow a personalized treatment plan that delivers results by your Big Day. You will want to be extra diligent about your compliance with wearing your aligner trays for the allotted 22 hours a day to stay on track. It’s best to schedule your consultation with our Dental Aesthetics Ensmile provider as soon as you can so that you can get started right away.

Venue? Check.

Photographer? Check.

Gorgeous teeth? Yes, check!

2. Look Red Carpet Ready With Porcelain Veneer

If your teeth are chipped, cracked or irreversibly stained, veneers may be the best solution to give you a confident gorgeous smile on your wedding day.

Porcelain veneers are very thin strips of porcelain fixed to the outer portion of your teeth. Usually, They are designed to match the natural and healthy appearance of your surrounding teeth. This helps hide imperfections and make your smile look cohesive once again. Porcelain veneers are not just a temporary solution either. They last long, and are considered to be durable, and stain resistant . They last more than a decade with the right care!

3. Remove Unsightly Stains with Professional Teeth Whitening

Let’s just face it- stained teeth are unsightly and unattractive. If years of cigarettes, tea, coffee, coke, and wine have left your teeth looking pale, yellow, and brown, instead of white, visiting your dentist for laser teeth whitening treatment before your wedding day is a must!

4. Restorations

Sometimes a smile may suffer from missing teeth or severely distressed teeth. Depending on what you require, we can restore your teeth—along with your smile—with nice natural-looking crowns, bridges, or dental implants. Dental Implants are the closest we can come to a real tooth. Dental Implants replace both a missing tooth’s crown and the root. With an implant, you can have a new tooth that looks and functions just like the real tooth.

As with veneers and clear aligners Invisalign, you will want to schedule this a little ahead of time if possible. Our dental clinic in DHA offers teeth whitening Lahore treatments that are fast, safe,  and provide effective teeth whitening results. Whether you have one year, month, or one week to your wedding date, Dental Aesthetics has the best professional teeth whitening options to meet your needs.

If you still have time before your wedding, a dental cleaning, teeth whitening and polish can do wonders for your smile (and trust us for your dental health too). But even if you are not able to fit in an appointment before your Wedding Day, you can still pursue a teeth scaling or cosmetic procedure after the honeymoon. Any time is the right time to change your smile for the better.

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