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5 Most Probable Factors Leading to Periodontal Diseases

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 5 Most Probable Factors Leading to Periodontal Diseases

Gum diseases are caused by various factors of which the most known is plaque accumulation. However, this is not the only element; rather there are multiple other causes which are responsible for serious kinds of periodontal disorders.

Let’s know what a dentist orthodontist tells about the periodontal diseases risk factors

1. Genetics


Different researches have proved that some people carry periodontal diseases in their genes; therefore, despite taking proper care of their oral hygiene they are highly prone to gum disorders.  However, this never means that they can’t get over it. By consulting a reliable periodontal specialist and getting proper treatment at the right time, they can fight with the gum diseases to a greater extent.

2. Diabetes


Diabetes is also considered as one of the biggest factors for gum diseases. People with diabetes are more likely to develop periodontal diseases and their gums get affected even more severely.

3. Smoking and Tobacco

Smoking Stop

You must have heard and read warnings about tobacco in different ads and on the cigarettes or cigar packs. This is because smoking and tobacco are highly injurious to our body and oral health. Even these are known to cause oral cancer. People, who are a chain smoker, are at high risk of periodontal diseases. Smoking even is even said to worsen periodontal disorders. The dentists in Pakistan are of the view that treating periodontal issues in smokers becomes much more difficult than those, who don’t smoke. It has also been proved from different researches that tartar and plaque accumulate more quickly on the patients’ teeth, who are habitual of smoking. Therefore, smoking becomes a reason for deeper periodontal pockets that in some cases may lead to bone loss at the end.

4. Grinding and Clenching of Teeth

Teeth Grinding

Grinding and clenching are not directly involved in periodontal diseases but these play an indirect role. For instance – when teeth are clenched firmly, these may get displaced ultimately resulting in periodontal misalignment.

5. Stress

Stress Women Oral Health

Stress not only affects the overall body’s health but it also becomes a risk factor of periodontal diseases. It has been proved from various researches and studies that stress hinders the body’s power against various infection, including periodontal infections.

The best solution to avoid any kind of periodontal problem is to take prior care of your oral health. You must visit a renowned dentist in your area and get an appointment at least every 6 months to get your complete oral checkup. Secondly, never compromise on your oral hygiene in any way.

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