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Are You An Ideal Candidate For Dental Veneers? Here’s The Answer!

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 Are You An Ideal Candidate For Dental Veneers? Here’s The Answer!

Do you have any cosmetic concerns related to your smile? In that case, Dental Veneers make an excellent treatment option. Veneers are tooth restorations made using composite resin or porcelain and placed on top of the natural teeth. They transform smiles drastically and correct multiple dental issues, making them popular for patients with different concerns. However, the important question that patients at Dental Aesthetics first ask us is –am I an ideal candidate to get them or not? Read the blog to find out who can get veneers for making their smile perfect.

Which Cosmetic Dental Concerns Can Veneers Fix?

When it comes to addressing cosmetic concerns, many patients quality to get veneers. The only condition is that they need to be free of gum diseases and tooth decay before the treatment procedure begins. So, if your oral and dental health is great, you can qualify as an ideal candidate for getting Veneer Teeth if you are suffering from any of these dental problems:

  • Tooth Discolouration
  • Contours In Teeth And Odd Shapes
  • Minor Teeth Misalignment
  • Dental Fluorosis
  • Fractures And Chips

One of the best things about veneers is that they are a treatment option for all the above dental problems. In simpler words, this means that rather than undergoing a separate treatment procedure for dental crowns, braces, dental bonding, and whitening, simply opt for veneers to enhance the appearance of your smile.

Veneer Teeth

Are Veneers A Long-Term Dental Treatment Option?

Veneers are a great treatment option for patients who want their smile to look PERFECT. It is no surprise that teeth can decay, crack, and get stained – which is a nightmare. The long-term solution to all these problems is getting Dental Veneers, a treatment option with a 90% success rate and results that last for up to 20 years.

While other dental treatments like teeth whitening, dental crowns, and bridges have to be performed often for maintaining the appearance, veneers are a one-time treatment. Hence, in just a few appointments with a dentist at Dental Aesthetics, you will have a uniform smile that lasts for years.

How Many Types Of Veneers Are There?

Are you someone who dreams of flaunting a flawless smile but has chips, discoloration, or large gaps between the teeth? Boost your confidence and improve your smile by getting the Best Veneers in Pakistan placed by the cosmetic dentistry experts at Dental Aesthetics.

The veneers that we place can even out and reshape the teeth, fill in the gaps, and most importantly – give you the perfect pearly white smile. They do not only enhance the smile but also protect the teeth. Currently, the following types of veneer options are available at our dental clinic:

1. Porcelain Veneers

Back in the ’90s, these traditional veneers were placed as a temporary fix for improving the smiles of actors. They are thin ceramic shells that are bonded onto the front side of the teeth and have now become a popular solution for restoring smiles. Ideally, these types of Veneers in Lahore last for more than 10 years – given that you care for them the right way.

Best Veneers in Pakistan

2.      Lumineers

These are the strongest and thinnest Removable Veneers, almost thick like contact lenses. It takes almost two appointments to get them placed – without any pain and grinding. After they are placed successfully, Lumineers last for more than 20 years and are reversible too.

3.      Composite Veneers

Bonded veneers or composite veneers are an affordable and less destructive type of option for improving your smile. We apply them in just a single appointment at Dental Aesthetics, mainly because the treatment involves placing the veneers directly on the teeth using a composite material. After placement, they are then polished and smoothed for achieving the look of natural teeth.

Who Is Not An Ideal Candidate For Dental Veneers?

People suffering from bruxism – also known as teeth grinding, are not ideal candidates for getting veneers. While the Porcelain Veneers Cost is minimal and they are resistant to chips or cracks, the pressure caused on the teeth because of bruxism can damage them. Do you grind your teeth but still want to get veneers? In such cases, we recommend the patients to wear a custom-made mouth guard at night for protecting their teeth.

Removable Veneers

In addition, the placement of veneers also involves the removal of tooth enamel, so that they can be bonded properly. If the tooth enamel is compromised, our dentists look for other options during the consultation and then carry out the treatment procedure.

Ready To Get Dental Veneers?

If veneers are the answer to achieving your dream smile, do not waste any more time and book your appointment with us for the treatment NOW. The dentists at Dental Aesthetics have been placing veneers flawlessly for years now – to give patients beautiful smiles. The cherry on top is the fact that the Veneers Price is also reasonably affordable. Hence, you can undergo the treatment procedure at our Dental Hospital in Lahore; without worrying about the Teeth Veneers Cost and treatment results.

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