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Baby Teeth Looks So Crazy In Children – Ask The Dentist

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 Baby Teeth Looks So Crazy In Children – Ask The Dentist

Do you still love your kids even they have misaligned baby teeth? Of course, you do, then why not take a step to make them smile better by getting their teeth treated? Misaligned teeth problem is also known as a malocclusion which directly affects a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence. As parents, have you ever tried to dig out the reason for his misaligned teeth? Let’s hear from a certified dentist and see what could be the cause and what could be done to get them treated:


    • In some children, this issue could be hereditary as this passes down from generation to generation.
    • The other reason could be the difference in the size of the upper and lower jaw which may result in overbite, under-bite and other similar issues.
    • In some of the children, who are born with cleft lip and palate, or with the defected jaw, malocclusion could occur.
    • Thumb-sucking, tongue thrusting, pacifier usage beyond the age of three, use of feeding bottles for a longer time period.
  • Cavity, tartar, and tooth decay. Some of the kids, who are habitual of taking sugary stuff like chocolates, hard candies, and juices, are likely to develop cavities in their mouth, as a result, their teeth start decaying and eventually they have to be pulled out or shed on their own. The empty space if not treated by a dentist is then take place accordingly, making less space for new teeth and gets misaligned.

Baby Teeth Treatment:

Kids Teeth Treatment

    • The easiest solution which parents can do by themselves is quitting their kids’ thumb-sucking habit at an early stage.
    • Also, shift your child from feeding a bottle to a cup sooner.
    • Make them habitual of brushing twice a day.
    • Give your kids healthy food and avoid sugary and acidic items which may damage their teeth.

Kids Teeth Happy

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