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Benefits Of Dental Implants – Are They Worth The Treatment Cost?

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 Benefits Of Dental Implants – Are They Worth The Treatment Cost?

Dental Implants are natural-looking tooth replacements that offer many benefits over other dental treatments that were previously used for replacing teeth. Mostly, when patients visit us at Dental Aesthetics with a need of teeth replacement, we recommend them to get implants. They are used in place of prosthetic options like bridges and dentures. Whether you have multiple missing teeth or a single missing tooth, the Benefits of Dental Implants will go beyond just repairing. Want to know how they are worth the cost of the treatment? Keep reading the blog!

Dental Implants – An Overview  

Mimicking the structure and feel of natural teeth, implants are highly-durable dental prosthetics. They consist of titanium roots that are interested in the jawbone and attached to the denture, crown, or bridge that look exactly look like the natural teeth of the patient. Adding more to the Advantages of Dental Implants, they also function exactly like natural teeth. If cared for properly, they last almost a lifetime.

Advantages of Dental Implants

6 Benefits Of Getting Dental Implants

People often lose a tooth or two because of breakage or decay and in such cases, we at Dental Aesthetics recommend getting implants. When the teeth of the patients go beyond repairing, this treatment option is the most ideal. As the titanium root combines with the bone tissues inside the jaw, the prosthetic solution is quite functional for anyone who has faced the loss of teeth.

In fact, the titanium posts used for rooting the dental implants in the mouth also improve the growth of tissues in the jawbone. Therefore, strengthening the area where teeth are missing, so that the patients can maintain their facial features. One of the major Benefits of Dental Implants is that they are a more practical and non-invasive alternative to dentures.

Implant technology is comfortable and boosts confidence that is simply not possible with dentures as they demand changing the diet and smiling less. On the other hand, patients with implants can enjoy eating every kind of food and engage in public speaking without shying away. They stay put because of the titanium screws/posts extending similar to natural teeth from the jawbone, allowing patients to speak, smile, and talk naturally. Other than that, dental implants provide the following benefits:

1.      Durability

One of the main Benefits of Dental Implants is that they are designed for lasting a lifetime. Most of the patients who get implants from us a Dental Aesthetics eat and drink the same things they did before and follow their normal oral care routine. In short, dental implants are firmly rooted inside the jawbone like natural teeth. Hence, they are equally durable.

Different Types of Dental Implants

2.      Functionality

We love giving our patients the perfect smile they want, along with the ability to eat and speak comfortably as they did before losing a tooth. To our dentists, it does not matter if the patient has lost one tooth or all, with dental implants, they restore their missing teeth. Therefore, giving their smile a new life and helping them continue living their daily life without any problem.

3.      Appearance

There are Different Types of Dental Implants that dentists place for their patients. The ones you will get at our dental clinic will be nearly impossible to be noticed by onlookers. There will be no difference between your natural teeth and the implants. For every patient, we custom design them, ensuring that they look like natural teeth and no one knows that they are implants. So yes, if you have been living with a missing tooth because undergoing dental treatment sounds like losing that natural look of your smile, get implants.

4.      Stop Bone Loss

When someone loses a tooth or two, the jawbone located under the missing teeth often loses the bone mass. With natural teeth, their roots are stimulated for producing bone cells and staying strong. On the other hand, dentures can cause loss of jaw bone tissues. However, getting dental implants stimulates the jaw bone for staying strong just like our natural teeth. By this stimulation of the jawbone, you as a patient are less likely to experience premature aging and facial sagging because of teeth loss.

Dental Implants

5.      Stabilization Of Surrounding Teeth

Losing a tooth can lead to weak jaw bone tissues and cause the surrounding teeth to loosen. However, by getting implants, you can stabilize all your teeth. They keep the tissues of the jawbone active and prevent the loosening of other teeth in the mouth that surround the missing tooth.

6.      Prevent Gum Diseases

Tooth loss is a trap for the bacteria that builds up because of food particles getting stuck between the teeth in spaces where a toothbrush cannot reach. The growth of this bacteria build-up can lead to many gum diseases and even more tooth loss. Hence, for the prevention of gum disease and closing gaps between teeth, opt for restoring your missing teeth with dental implants.

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Dental implants are a popular treatment option that we provide to patients at Dental Aesthetics. They help maintain good oral health and flaunt a perfect smile without feeling uncomfortable – which is not possible with bridges and dentures. Not only this, but implants also improve the self-esteem of patients who get them and engage normally in their daily life. Ready to get them for restoring your missing teeth? To undergo a dental checkup and know if getting implants is your treatment option, book an appointment with us TODAY!

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