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Bleeding Gums – Cause, Treatment – Review

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 Bleeding Gums – Cause, Treatment – Review

Bleeding Gums Treatment

Bleeding gums is the most common symptom of gum disease. It is considered to be normal but if left unaddressed it will lead to periodontitis which involves the supporting structures of teeth which ultimately causes loosening of teeth 

Patients usually present with the symptoms of blood in mouth in the morning or during brushing, bad breath and pain around gums

Symptoms of gum disease
Image result for pain around gums
Image result for gum swelling

Causes of Bleeding Gums 

  • Gingivitis                
  • Periodontitis  
  • Vitamin deficiency 

Bleeding gums are often associated with swelling around the gum line and bad breath due to accumulation of tartar (calculus) for a long period of time

Image result for bleeding gums


Inflammation of gums due to accumulation of plaque which is basically bacteria and debris sticking to teeth. Plaque accumulates on teeth on a daily basis which is washed away with brushing and flossing but some of the plaque stays on the gum line due to improper brushing technique and it hardens and transforms into calculus (tartar) which may cause bleeding



Swollen and bleeding gums


  Advanced form of gingivitis which not only involves gums but the supporting structures called periodontal ligaments which hold on tooth and in case of infection the teeth become loose and there is an accumulation of hard calculus (darker in color) below the gum line which is only seen clinically and there is presence of pockets around the tooth which give an indication of periodontal loss around the infection teeth which is measured with a  periodontal probe 

In severe cases the root part of teeth becomes visible the gum line receds and the patient has pain during chewing or after brushing 

Image result for dental pockets xray

Other conditions in which patients present with bleeing gums is 

  • Vitamin C and K deficiency 
  • Pregnancy induced gingivitis 
  • Treatement of Bleeding Gums 

Good oral Hygiene is first step in avoiding bleeding gums. If you got any symptoms go see a dentist and we at Dental Aesthetics provide full consultation regarding gum disease. It is a collaborative effort between the dentist and the patient. Usually scaling is advised twice a year and patient is asked to brush twice with a soft brush and guided about the strokes and proper technique of brushing. At Dental Aesthetics we provide our patients of periodontitis with a full oral hygiene regime which invloves:

1. Deep Scaling 

2. An antiobiotic course to eliminate bacterial count 

3. Pateint is advised to brush twice and floss (better use a water pik)

4. Use of mouthwash 

5. Followup after 3 months to assess the gum levels and patient’s compliance in maintaining healthy oral hygiene 

Better not ignore these symptoms otherwise you will loose teeth very soon 

Scaling is Good for Teeth or Not 

Scaling is a procedure of cleaning which just removes the calculus and debris around teeth it doesn’t damage enamel (the top layer of teeth) 

Related image

If you go to a dentist when your gums are deterioated it might seem as it damaged the teeth but it actually saved the patient from tooth loss

Book your appointment for your gums at Dental Aesthetics to keep them healthy and learn how to keep them clean 

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