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Dental Braces – When Does One Need To Get Them?

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 Dental Braces – When Does One Need To Get Them?

Mostly, people think that the only reason they should get braces is that they want aligned teeth. Even though this is one of the results of undergoing orthodontic treatment, for many, it is not the only or primary reason to get Braces. It has many functions that correct different types of problems – including dental health and cosmetic issues. Are you too considering getting braces but want to know if they are actually an option for you? In this blog, we have covered the major reasons why one should get braces. Keep reading it to get answers to all your concerns!  

Three Reasons Why You Need To Get Braces

Do you always think twice before smiling wide? Or, do you cover your mouth while launching, just because you are not happy with the appearance of your teeth? Many people have teeth that are misaligned and crooked – you are not the only one. However, to end this source of embarrassment or pain, you can get Teeth Braces. They will fix the bite issues, straighten your teeth and even improve your smile overall, which is quite a big thing for those conscious about their appearance. Normally, we recommend getting braces for the following reasons:

1. Straightening Crooked Teeth

While having crooked teeth might not be a problem for some, others can be embarrassed about smiling because of the same reason. Any type of braces can shift the teeth into a natural-looking and straight alignment – be it Clear Braces or the traditional ones with wires and brackets.

Clear Braces

Other than just cosmetic reasons, having straight teeth ensures better dental health because they are easy to clean. Crowded and misaligned teeth are hard to clean, but even an unusual gap between two teeth can create a problem.

Particles of food get stuck between teeth, leading to the buildup of bacteria and plaque. However, if your teeth will be aligned, it will be easy to floss and brush them to maintain good oral health. Additionally, having straighter teeth also means that you can chew more efficiently and have a healthier jaw.

If your teeth are misaligned even slightly, you will find yourself grinding and clenching your teeth. On top of everything, having perfectly aligned teeth means lesser headaches and even fewer jaw pains. Hence, other than just getting Braces for straightening your teeth, you have other health reasons too to undergo the orthodontic treatment.

2. Correcting Misaligned Bite

You must have heard about underbite or overbite. An underbite is a condition in which the lower jaw overlaps the upper jaw, while an overbite is a condition in which the upper jaw moved out too far from the lower jaw when biting.

Both these issues with the bite cause different problems – including undue pressure on the teeth even when they are not in action. Moreover, the bite issues also put a strain on the patient’s jaw and cause tension, making it ace.

Invisible Braces

In addition, these issues with the bite also make it likely for you to bite in the lips or cheek, which over time causes serious damage to the inside of the mouth. According to the dentists at Dental Aesthetics, getting Invisible Braces is not the right solution to correct this bite problem.

Hence, to get your underbite or overbite fixed, get the traditional braces with wires and brackets. Rest assured, they will not only correct your problems but also provide many cosmetic benefits, because the more the jaw and teeth are aligned, the better a smile appears.

3. Fixing Narrow Smiles

Is the top arch of your teeth narrower than the bottom arch? Then, you might be experiencing some dental problems like difficulty chewing food, grinding teeth, and even clenching teeth. In the first place, having a narrow arch means that the teeth will not be aligned properly.

When you visit us at Dental Aesthetics and get Braces, our orthodontists will use different techniques to correct the problem. Expanders and spacers help in widening the narrow arches, making it easy for the teeth to get aligned. While this is rarely the reason people get braces, it is a common problem that we fix when a patient is getting teeth straightened.

 Adult Braces

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Are your teeth misaligned or crooked and you are considering getting Adult Braces? Without any delay, undergo the orthodontic treatment. Even though misaligned and crooked teeth do not cause any serious health issues, having straight teeth helps in maintaining better oral health. Moreover, orthodontic treatments also ensure that there is enough room in your mouth for the growth of wisdom teeth.

Hence, without further delay, visit us at Dental Aesthetics for a consultancy. After a thorough dental examination, our dentists will let you know which orthodontic treatment option is ideal in your case. And then, at an Affordable Braces Price in Pakistan, you can get your teeth straightened – to flaunt a perfect smile later.

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