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Can Adults Get Their Teeth Straightened With Clear Aligners?

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 Can Adults Get Their Teeth Straightened With Clear Aligners?

Just like every other adult, are you too thinking that it is too late to undergo orthodontic treatment? Think about it AGAIN. We at Dental Aesthetics do not recommend getting Clear Aligners to kids and teens only. In fact, many of the patients at our dental clinic are adults who want aligned teeth – because after all, everyone deserves to flaunt a perfect smile. Instead of the chunky wires and brackets that one has to wear when getting teeth straightened with braces, aligners involve the use of clear plastic trays. They are virtually invisible, making the orthodontic treatment quite convenient and discreet for correcting the bite and teeth alignment.

9 Benefits Of Getting Clear Aligners

As an aesthetic and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Shahzad Mira has years of experience in treating patients of every age with Teeth Aligners. He helps them in achieving their smile goals with orthodontic treatments. So, if you have ever considered undergoing the treatment and hushed away the thought because of your age, read on to find out its benefits for adults. 

1. They Are Invisible

One of the main reasons why adults should consider aligners over traditional braces is that they are invisible. Even though the modern braces are very small and look good aesthetically than the braces we had in the past, they still have wires and brackets. And frankly speaking, they do look odd and are uncomfortable when placed on the center and front of the teeth.

Now, we at Dental Aesthetics get it – everyone wants straighter teeth but does not want the treatment to show upfront on their face. Well, that is exactly the beauty of Clear Aligners they have no wires, no brackets, and are absolutely invisible.

Aligners are made using a smooth and thin food-grade plastic that fits on the teeth comfortably. We custom-make them for the teeth of every patient to ensure accuracy and discreet results. As most of our patients report, people do not even notice that they are wearing aligners, which is a win-win.

Teeth Aligners

2. Super Easy Process

While the process of getting aligners seems complicated and highly technical to many people, in reality, it is quite a non-invasive and simple treatment procedure. First, a dentist at Dental Aesthetics will thoroughly examine your teeth, bite, and jaw to determine the type of aligners that are right for you. Then, a 3D scan of your teeth will be taken to map out the movement of every tooth. Next, up, you will have to visit our dental clinic for a pre-treatment consultation where the treatment plan will be discussed.

Once the customized aligners created for you arrive, we will call you in to pick them up and start the treatment. Following the treatment plan, you will have to switch to a new set of aligners after one or two weeks as your teeth get aligned. All along, our dentist will keep a check on the progress every few weeks to make sure that the treatment is on track.

3. Same Cost As Braces

We usually come across patients who do not get aligners because they think of them as an expensive orthodontic treatment as compared to braces. However, the cost of Invisible Aligners is pretty much the same as that of the traditional braces – but obviously, dependent on the complexity of the case.

We at Dental Aesthetics believe that everyone deserves to have access to a healthy and aligned smile regardless of their finances. Hence, providing the best value to every patient that walks into our dental clinic is our priority. From offering them in-depth knowledge about the treatment procedure to offering quality dental care at a reasonably affordable price – we do it all.

During the pre-treatment consultation with a patient, we explain to them the exact cost of their orthodontic treatment, which is all-inclusive. In simpler words, this means that every step of the treatment and its cost will be discussed and there will be no surprises.

Invisible Aligners

4. Aligner Are Painless

Worried about the pain that you would have to bear while undergoing orthodontic treatment? Well, this fear is expected and quite common. However, we have good news for you – Invisible Braces do not hurt and are painless.

Aligners work by simply applying slight pressure on the teeth and directing them in an aligned position. So, while wearing aligners, you might experience mild soreness but overall, the procedure is never painful. Also, because they are customized for fitting on your teeth, aligners do not cause any discomfort throughout the treatment.

5. Aligners Are Convenient

When talking about convenience, no other orthodontic treatment can beat Clear Aligners. Whether it is a BIG presentation you have to give or a special event to attend, you will never have to think about how the aligners would look – simply remove them. But of course, for keeping the treatment on track and achieving the best results, we advise patients to wear their aligners for almost 22 hours every day. The best part is that it is perfectly fine to remove them for special occasions.

Besides, the fact that aligners are removable means that you can drink and eat like you normally did during the treatment. However, just ensure that you floss and brush your teeth before popping in the aligners back for avoiding the buildup of plaque. So, on that note, better oral hygiene is also another perk of aligners. No tricky brackets and wires to clean around – just floss and brush as usual.

6. Treat Every Orthodontic Concern

Initially, when aligners came into the world of dentistry, they were not equipped for handling complex orthodontic problems. Fortunately, this is not the case now. The advancements in dental technology have made it possible for aligners to treat mild and even complicated orthodontic concerns which include:

  • Crowding
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Overjet Teeth Correction
  • Spacing
  • Crossbite
  • Openbite

In some of the above-mentioned cases, such as open bites, aligners have proven to be more effective compared to the traditional metal braces. Hence, no matter what orthodontic goals a patient wants to achieve, at Dental Aesthetics, they can get a perfect smile with aligners.

Best Orthodontist in Lahore

7. Easy To Care

The wires and brackets patients have to wear with the good old metal braces are famous for concerning reasons. They are painful and quite difficult to clean. Even flossing and brushing between them is a really tricky task, which usually requires special floss threaders or flossers.

However, keeping aligners clean is easy peasy. All you need to do is brush them using a toothbrush with soft bristles and rinse with warm water. Just make sure that the water you use is not too hot, as it can melt the aligners made of plastic. Also, we recommend our patients to keep their aligners to-go kit with them all the time so that they have everything for keeping the aligners clean.

8. Aligners Are Highly Effective

Aligners are a popular orthodontic treatment option for more than their appearance – they are very effective when it comes to creating aligned smiles. We at Dental Aesthetics have a holistic approach to perfecting smiles. It means that we take the entire face of a patient into consideration when planning their treatment.

Thinking why we prefer aligners over braces? The treatment provides us with the precision that is needed for creating facial harmony for every patient. So, whether you want to current crowding, spacing, or complicated bite issues, aligners can get you the dream smile that you always wanted without any compromise.

9. Safe Treatment Option

You are probably seeing advertisements for orthodontic brands promising to give you a straighter smile without having to visit a dental clinic. While these at-home teeth straightening procedures might look similar to the ones an orthodontist provides, they are not worth taking the risk.

We urge everyone to stay cautious because they can be dangerous and cause long-lasting damage to your teeth, even those that were perfectly fine. While undergoing an orthodontic treatment like aligners, you need to be under the supervision and care of a certified orthodontist. Hence, choose the safe treatment option – get aligners at Dental Aesthetics

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Clear/Invisible Aligners are an incredibly safe orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth to perfection in just a few months. They are easy to use, removable, lead to a beautiful smile and promise lasting results. But the only thing is that – you need to get the treatment from the Best Orthodontist in Lahore. So, if you are thinking of getting aligners or have any more questions related to the treatment procedure, contact Dental Aesthetics to book a consultation TODAY.

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