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When it comes to finding a robust replacement for metal braces, there are not many options that come close to aligners. When you want to have aligners or Invisalign in Lahore, there are certain things that you need. Dental Aesthetics gives the patients invisible aligners or Invisalign in Pakistan. We use a highly innovative process to treat each patient’s orthodontic problems. One of the benefits of using aligners is that you can remove them for eating. You can also clean them. An important reason why a lot of our patients consider aligners is that they do not like to have metallic braces.

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It is essential that you get your treatment of aligners or Invisalign in Pakistan by specialist dentists. We ensure that after the treatment you are able to maintain a normal level of oral hygiene and to remove them before flossing or brushing.

Complete Care

There is no point in having aligners or Invisalign in Pakistan if you do not feel comfortable. This is where the dentist needs to meticulously plan the treatment at each stage. The aim is to help you shift to aligners as a better option.

Modern Equipment

There are many different types of orthodontic problems that dentists at Dental Aesthetics can treat using the aligners or Invisalign in Pakistan. We are fully equipped to offer you all kinds of treatment options using the aligners treatment in Lahore.

Emergency Ready

In case you have an orthodontic issue that has caused an orthodontal emergency, get in touch with Dental Aesthetics in Lahore. We are a team of expert dentists always looking forward to helping patients get rid of their pain.

Clear Aligners or Invisalign Can Treat Many Orthodontic Issues

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What Should You Know About It?

When you think that you are ready, you need to know some things upfront. To start with, get a consultation from Dental Aesthetics to know if you will be a good candidate for Invisalign. Also, the aligners cost in Lahore varies as per the orthodontic situation of each patient. Our expert dentists conduct a comprehensive examination of the patient. It may also involve identifying any other dental problems that the patient may have including gum disease or tooth decay.

The use of three-dimensional imaging technology helps the dentist know the inside situation of your teeth. This examination helps the dentist create a personalized treatment plan for each patient. The dentist mostly relies on plastic aligners for adjusting your teeth. The use of these low force plastic aligners helps bring the teeth back to their natural shape over time.

The dentist may ask you to temporarily wear a set of aligners before you proceed to the next phase of the treatment. After a few weeks with the first set of aligners, the dentist will monitor your progress. However, the time duration and visit to the dentist varies from one case to the other. In some cases, the dentist may suggest the patients wear a retainer sent of lingual braces in Pakistan.

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