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Dental Implant Benefits

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 Dental Implant Benefits

What Are The Dental Implant Benefits?

One of the closest replacements for natural teeth is Dental Implants. Appearing similar to screws, they are surgically placed in the upper or lower jawbone, where there is a gap because of a lost tooth.  Considering the Dental Implant Benefits, we at Dental Aesthetics suggest every patient with a missing tooth get Dental Implants. Rest assured, they will look, feel, and function the same as natural teeth.

Are you too are considering getting Dental Implants because you have lost a tooth but are unsure about whether it is the right choice for you? As we provide Dental Implants in Lahore at our dental clinic, we understand the benefits of getting them. Hence, we have all the benefits covered in this blog to convince those who have been hushing the idea of getting Dental Implants.

Replace Missing Tooth

If you have one or more teeth missing, and this has been affecting your confidence, get them replaced with Dental Implants. At Dental Aesthetics, we have replaced one or even two teeth for patients with a single Dental Implant. Moreover, depending on the case, patients can also get their teeth replaced with two or more Dental Implants and restore the complete smile.


Improved Speech

Missing teeth can cause gaps between teeth, which might affect a person’s speaking ability negatively. If you have a missing tooth, you too might have experienced difficulty in pronouncing some words. For instance, when pronouncing Dental Aesthetics, you might miss out on the T and H of Aesthetics?

The bad news is that if you do not get a replacement for the lost tooth, your speech might get worst with time. There are chances of some words getting altered, especially the ones that are pronounced only when the tongue touches your teeth. Imagine speaking in front of your CEO and pronouncing a word wrong – all because of your missing tooth? Embarrassing, right?

Well, you do not have to worry about pronouncing the words wrong or how your speaking abilities are getting worst anymore. Just visit our clinic in DHA Lahore, and get Dental Implants from us, which will look exactly like your natural teeth.

Strengthened Chewing Ability

On average, every adult has 28-32 teeth. However, if one or two of them are missing, the force that is applied to the others when chewing increases. What most people do not realize is that this increase in force might cause fractures or damage to the remaining teeth. People who have lost a tooth or two can now reduce the risk of fractures and damages to their remaining teeth – all thanks to the Dental Implant Benefits.

In the worst-case, if a person loses his/her molars, chewing and digesting food becomes a challenge for them. Moreover, when a person loses a tooth, the bone density reduces and leads to inefficient chewing, accompanied by loss of healthy gum tissues.

As this happens, the way of chewing food and diet are also impacted. Some patients in such dental cases even limit their diet because it gets hard for them to chew foods like dates, popcorn, or meat. The consequences? Lack of nutrients in the body.

If you are experiencing all of this because of a missing tooth, you can now ease your pain and strengthen your chewing ability by getting Dental Implants in Lahore Pakistan at Dental Aesthetics, Post getting the implants, we promise, you will not have to ditch eating a bag of popcorns or an apple.


Stop Teeth From Shifting

Losing a tooth or two leaves a gap, which leads to the adjacent teeth shifting towards the gap. This eventually leads to a domino effect, where every neighbouring tooth leans into the gap. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that this shifting of the teeth can cause many serious complications, let alone regular headaches and jaw pains.

Moreover, your opposing teeth might also drift down if your teeth are shifting as no force will be there to stop them from erupting and worsening your bite. Besides, if several teeth shift, there is a possibility that you will struggle with brushing your teeth properly.

And we all know what happens when teeth are not brushed properly? Plaque builds up, teeth turn yellow, and it all eventually leads to – bad oral health. To prevent your teeth from shifting and to reduce the risk of other dental problems, restore the gaps with Dental Implants at the earliest.

Prevent Bone Loss

Losing a tooth weakens the alveolar bone that supports the teeth. The alveolar bone also called the jawbone, deteriorates because of the lack of contact with a tooth. Thus, decreasing bone stimulation.

By getting Dental Implants, you will not only replace your missing tooth and restore your confidence. You will also aid your remaining teeth in the mouth by stimulating your jaw bone and prevent bone loss.

Youthful Appearance

Other than stopping you from smiling wide, a missing tooth also weakens your jawbone and leads to sunk cheeks, which alters your face shape. Sadly, this might make you look older than your age and cause a few fine lines and creases around your mouth. And that is a big NO, right?

To increase the support to your jawbone and avoid those dreaded fine lines, we suggest getting Dental Implants at Dental Aesthetics. They will prevent your cheeks from sinking in and creasing your face. Thus, complementing your facial structure better while giving you a more youthful look.


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On the whole, Dental Implants are more of a permanent tooth replacement as compared to other options like dentures and dental bridges. At Dental Aesthetics, because of the Dental Implant Benefits, we consider this dental treatment as one of the best options to replace the missing tooth of a patient.

Are you convinced to get your Dental Implants and restore your smile and want to know about your treatment options along with the Dental Implants Cost in Pakistan? Book a consultation with our well-trained implantologist at Dental Aesthetics. By evaluating your teeth, they will plan a Dental Implants Treatments that suits your dental need the best.

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