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Dental Implants Cost In Pakistan – Is It Worth Ignoring Myths?

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 Dental Implants Cost In Pakistan – Is It Worth Ignoring Myths?

Are you finding treatment options for replacing one or more of your missing teeth but worried if the Dental Implants Cost in Pakistan is worth ignoring the myths related to it? The dentists at Dental Aesthetics have debunked all the myths in this article to help you make an informed decision of restoring your teeth with implants. So let’s get through it to aid your decision-making!

Debunking 5 Myths Related To Dental Implants

With every dental treatment comes myths that stop people from achieving their perfect smile. If you too have experienced tooth loss and are always hushing away the idea of getting them restored with dental implants because of the myths, we have you sorted. Some common myths people hear related to the treatment include:

Aesthetic & Cosmetic

1. Aesthetic & Cosmetic  

Functionality or aesthetics were only what the early pioneers in dentistry aimed for when placing implants and many people currently believe the same. However, the truth is that dental implants look like natural teeth and are inserted deep inside the skin.

In simpler words, you need to understand the structure of the teeth for knowing how the implants work. The living roots are connected with the teeth under the gums. Even though they are invisible to our eyes, teeth are secured in place because of them and chew.

Bone loss is another side effect of having a missing tooth or two as it becomes small because of the increase in stress while chewing. The natural support structure of the cheeks and mouth is lost when the bone recedes.

Dental Implants in Lahore that we place replicate the entire structure of our teeth – including their roots. All in all, the almost similar replica of the natural teeth do not only improves the aesthetics of the smile but also prevents bone loss and preserves the structure of the teeth.

2. Implants Are Unsuccessful

Implant technology is extremely successful because of the trial and error that our dentists at Dental Aesthetics went through initially. In fact, the success rate of cases in which we place implants using advanced technology is 95% to 98%. Hence, if you are worried that the Dental Implants Cost in Pakistan that you will pay for the treatment might go to waste, we guarantee that this will not happen.

Dental Implants in Lahore

3. Durability As Natural Teeth

People often say that dental implants are not as durable and strong as natural teeth. However, in reality, this is just a myth because osseointegration is a process that involves fusing implants inside the jawbone. Therefore, completely replicating the strength, look, and functionality of our natural teeth.

4. Too Much Aftercare

Taking care of the implants is as simple as taking care of our natural teeth once the phase of restoration ends. The cherry on top is the reality that they last for many years and even decades in some cases if the patient follows a good dental care routine regularly. Though one might need prosthetic replacements in between, getting them in time also prolongs the life of the implants.

5. Expensive Treatment

Dental implants are very expensive – a comment that is frequently made by many. While the upfront Dental Implants Cost in Pakistan is higher in comparison with other tooth-replacement treatments, their long-term benefits are worth it. Getting implants means that the missing teeth will be replaced forever. Moreover, as mentioned before, they will prevent the jawbone from weakening. Thus, saving you from the HUGE bills in the future for multiple dental appointments, just because you did not get the missing tooth restored in time and it caused more damage.

Single Tooth Replacement

Getting Dental Implants – THE PROCEDURE

Before starting the treatment, the dentists at Dental Aesthetics first evaluate the oral health of the patients and assess their candidacy for getting implants. There are many types of dental implant options that they usually consider when making a treatment plan. They include:

  • Single Tooth Replacement – if the patients have a single missing tooth, we replace it with one crown and implant.
  • Bridges Supported With Implant – used for replacing several damaged or missing teeth.
  • Full Denture/ Full Bridge Supported With Implants – in case all the teeth are damaged or missing, this type of implant is considered.

Are Dental Implants An Option For Your Treatment?

Experienced loss of multiple teeth in an accident or got a tooth extracted because it was decaying? In either case, you must be thinking of getting it restored with a restorative treatment like implants at Dental Aesthetics. However, before getting started on the treatment, a dentist at our dental clinic will assess your oral health to ensure that you are an ideal candidate to get a new smile.

Now, if you are all set to begin the journey with us and get the Best Dental Implants Services in Pakistan, schedule your consultation with us TODAY. Our expert dentists will find you the best option in implants, answer your concerns and then start the treatment.

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