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Dental Implants Pakistan – How Can They Improve Your Oral Health?

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 Dental Implants Pakistan – How Can They Improve Your Oral Health?

Dental Implants Pakistan is an effective and popular tooth replacement dental treatment. At Dental Aesthetics alone, our dentists place implants every other day for patients who want to restore their teeth naturally and smile wide.  For many, the benefits of the implants go beyond just the smile aesthetics. If you have a cracked tooth, gaps between teeth, or have a missing tooth or two, here is why you should consider getting dental implants.

Versatile Treatment

Compared to dental treatments like dentures and bridges, Dental Implants in Lahore that we place at Dental Aesthetics have no limit to how many teeth can be replaced. Hence, the treatment options are not limited to the number of teeth you have lost or the ones that are cracked. We usually fit them with a crown to replace a singles tooth or with a bridge to replace multiple teeth. Thus, enabling our dentists to give patients the million-dollar smile they always wanted to flaunt.

Comfort Level

When placing Dental Implants Pakistan on a patient’s teeth, we embed them directly into the jawbone and stimulate the tooth root. This gives the prosthetic tooth increased support and strength – to ensure there is no chance of losing it later on. During the post-treatment healing process, the jawbone grows around the titanium rod of the implants placed in the jaw and holds it more firmly.

Moreover, when talking about the comfort level, the implants look and feel exactly like natural teeth, so much that you can actually forget if they are even there. On the other hand, with other tooth replacement options, you cannot feel safe and comfortable. Then why go through the mess and discomfort of loose dentures and messy adhesives? Take the easier way out to achieve a perfect smile by getting dental implants.

Dental Implants in Lahore

Speaking Made Easy

Teeth play a very important role in how we make certain sounds and pronounce words, which means, missing a few teeth can significantly affect your speech. Other than that, if you have dentures too, they can slide as you speak, leading to wrongly spoken words. And we all know how distracting and embarrassing this can get in professional life and social gatherings, as you will be constantly worried about the denture slipping, right?

You can get Dental Implants in Lahore, Pakistan, at Dental Aesthetics to fix this issue and avoid embarrassment. If there is a gap between your teeth, we can place implants to provide your tongue a surface to press against while forming words and make speaking easier. Moreover, dentures that are supported by implants hold in place and do not slip in the mouth. As a result, speaking confidently and easily is made easy.

Eat Your Favourite Foods

If you have a few missing teeth, you most probably know how much difference it makes while chewing food. By getting Dental Implants Pakistan, you can fill that gap and eat all your favourite foods again without any disappointment.

Also, since our dentists root dental implants deep inside the jawbone, there are no restrictions to what you can eat as there are with traditional dentures. Ready to keep eating your favourite crunchy and chewy foods – even popcorns and corn on the cob? They can all stay on your menu, and you will still not be at the risk of dentures slipping with dental implants.

Dental Implants in Lahore, Pakistan

Natural Look

Using modern dental technology and materials, we make sure that the dental implants placed look and feel realistic. And for that, we design customized prosthetics for every patient. If you have just one tooth missing and the rest of your natural teeth are healthy, the prosthetic dental implant will be designed to blend in with them perfectly. So whether you get crows, bridges, or dentures on your implants, no one would be able to guess which teeth are natural and which are not.

Increased Self-Confidence

Do you have a cracked or missing tooth? Then you must know how it can make you self-conscious. Unfortunately, it is also easy to get wrapped up in what others think about how your teeth look. With dental implants, you can get a picture-perfect smile that looks and feels natural, allows speaking fluently, and smile wide with confidence. Hence, without wasting any second, visit our dental clinic in DHA, Lahore, to undergo the procedure.

Prevent Bone Loss

The roots of the teeth perform an important function of sending the jawbone signals to grow. However, when you lose a tooth, the body begins dissolving the bone where the tooth roots used to be once – causing your face shape to change over time. When you get dental implants to restore the missing tooth, the titanium rod in the jawbone anchoring the dental implant performs this function. Also, it not only prevents bone loss and protects the face shape but also reverses the bone loss that has already occurred.

Dental Implants Cost

Want To Get Dental Implants?

Worried about your lost or cracked tooth and looking for tooth restoration options? Well then, you are an ideal candidate for dental implants. They are durable, look natural, and restore teeth while protecting oral health. The best of all – Dental Implants Cost in Pakistan is also affordable for everyone. Hence, if you want a permanent perfect, and healthy smile, book your appointment with us at Dental Aesthetics to undergo the dental procedure!

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