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Dental Implants Procedure & Recovery – What Should You Expect?

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 Dental Implants Procedure & Recovery – What Should You Expect?

Dental Implants are artificial tooth roots that are used for restoring missing teeth or preventing the loss of jaw bone. This treatment procedure is considered a type of prosthetic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry by dentists at Dental Aesthetics. Quite naturally, people who lose a tooth or two are very self-conscious while smiling and even talking. In addition, tooth loss also causes biting irregularities and impacts eating habits negatively – leading to health problems such as malnutrition. Do you have a missing tooth or two and are considering getting implants. Before undergoing the treatment, read through this blog to know what you should expect from the procedure and post-treatment recovery.

Dental Implants Treatment: A Step-By-Step Overview

Replacing the missing teeth with Dental Implants Pakistan provides patients with the stability and strength needed for eating food they love without having to struggle while chewing. A missing tooth or two can lead to loss of jawbone and even affect the facial features. If you are someone who lost a tooth because of an accident, tooth decay, or any other reason and have now decided to get implants, expect to undergo:

1.      Pre-Treatment Consultation

Although getting implants involves no risk, a consultation with the oral surgeon, prosthodontist, or dentist is a must. During the consultations at Dental Aesthetics, dental professionals thoroughly examine the patient’s gums and teeth to evaluate the bone quality and density. Normally, this involves taking CT scans and X-rays for ensuring that enough bone structure is there for placing the Dental Implants and deciding where to place them.

Dental Implants Pakistan

Based on the dental health, oral hygiene, and commitment to following the after-care routine, our dentists then advise an appropriate treatment plan to the patient – the procedure time, the number of appointments, and the procedure aftercare. Besides, the options for sedation dentistry and local anesthesia are also discussed with the patients if necessary.

2.      Placing the Dental Implants

Thanks to modern dentistry techniques and technology, Dental Implants in Lahore restorations cannot be distinguished from natural teeth. Their appearance is aided by the functional and structural connection between the patients’ living jaw bone and implant. Typically, we perform the treatment procedure in a single sitting but the osseointegration – a process in which implants anchor to the patient’s jawbone, takes time.

To start off the treatment, we begin with preparing the patient’s jaw bone for implantation. Commonly, implants and their restorations are composed of a crown and a titanium metal screw, which is screwed into the jawbone after drilling a small-diameter hole. The skills and expertise of our dentists both go into this part to avoid damaging face structure and jaw bone.

Dental Implants in Lahore

Once the implant is placed, we secure the surrounding gum tissues over it and also placed a protective cover screw for allowing the treated site to heal. After a few months of healing, we uncover the implant and attach abutments – which hold the crown. For some patients, we attach the abutment during the start of the procedure too. When this process is complete, we then replace the temporary crown with a final crown.

3.      Aftercare & Recovery

Several factors affect the recovery after getting Dental Implants, including the implant type and procedure duration. However, generally, when the implants are placed, patients can recover faster by maintaining healthy oral hygiene habits. Not brushing and flossing regularly can lead to the treatment’s failure. In the worst case, an infection can also occur if the surrounding areas of the implant are not properly cleaned. So, for the best possible results and quick healing, make sure to clean the implants just like your natural teeth.

Now, talking about the recovery, feeling minimal discomfort after getting the Best Dental Implant Services in Pakistan is completely normal. Face and gum swelling might occur, as well as minor bruising or bleeding on the implant site. To relieve the discomfort and pain, we prescribe pain medications to our patients. Apart from this, for 4 to 5 days post the procedure, the patient’s diet is limited to soft foods only.

Best Dental Implant Services in Pakistan

Overall, recovery after getting the implants usually takes up to 6 months, while the seating of the crown and fitting takes around 2 months. But again, this timeframe is different from one patient to another – depending on their case. Follow-up appointments are also a part of our treatment procedure, as they help monitor the progress.

Ready To Get Your Dental Implants?

Now that you know everything about the procedure of getting Dental Implants in Lahore, Pakistan, why not get them right away to restore your smile? Book your appointment with us at Dental Aesthetics – a Dental Hospital in Lahore. By paying a reasonably affordable Dental Implants Cost in Pakistan, you will be able to smile wide once again, without worrying about the missing tooth. Also, every Dentist in Lahore at our dental clinic has years of experience working in the field of dentistry. Hence, you can trust them with giving you a perfect new smile that you will love flaunting.

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