Smoking affects all of your body but the most affected is oral cavity which comes in direct contact with the cigarette cigar or pan or betel nut or any form of smokeless tobacco all are destructive social habits which harms your teeth , gums , buccal mucosa and in many cases tongue 

The visible signs are bad breath, stained teeth, dry mouth, calculus deposits and pigmentation of gums

 Tobacco is not safe 

It causes 

  • Cavitation as it contains a lot of sugar in its contents 
  • Mouth ulcers 
  • Gum Diseases like pigmentation and keratosis 
  • Delayed healing

Smoking is an addiction which only can be withdrawn overtime but still those stains and discoloration can be minimized in which dentists at Dental Aesthetics play an important role in building up confidence of smokers in a crowd 

Smokers are conscious of the smile they develop over time and it can be removed through a number of procedures 

There are two parts of professional cleaning ; Scaling & polishing 


The stains and calculus is removed around the teeth and below the gum line to remove any sort of bacteria which might affect the gum health and bone


The scaled tooth surfaces are polished to give a fine luster on to the tooth surfaces at times it is mixed with a stain remover to remove any sort of left over stain 

Dental Air Prophy  ( Air blast with a medium grit paste) for good gum health. It is more effective in removal of stains and it has no abrasive effect over teeth. Smokers are a good candidate for this air prophy jet procedure 

For the yellow discoloration of teeth 


  • In office/ clinic bleaching or whitening is done using hydrogen peroxide and curing it with halogen lamp 
  • In home bleach options are also available and patients are instructed regarding use of the product and trays 

For gum pigmentation the procedure called as “gum depigmentation” is done with the help of laser in the clinical setting which is basically a minimal invasive procedure which is gum bleaching and exposing the lighter and pink gum underneath which was hidden under the dark stains or pigmentation due to smoking which might demoralize the person and he won’t be able to even talk or smile in public due to darker gums

These procedures are non-invasive and can be require less maintenance 

Professional cleaning is important every 3 months in smokers and at Dental Aesthetics patients are provided with a full treatment plan to the patient to go back with a brighter smile. Patients are given full consultation regarding the treatment options and before and after shots are taken to motivate the patients and we discuss that how it is affecting periodontal health and sooner or later by seeing the results they get a hope that they can have that million dollar smile like any other person

If you got such problems don’t hesitate book an appointment at Dental Aesthetics we promise you to give the best possible treatment