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Everything About Teeth Scaling And Polishing

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 Everything About Teeth Scaling And Polishing

Did you know that a smile doesn’t only work on the outside?

It works through your brain and cheers the minds as well. And that’s precisely why our consultants at Dental Aesthetics suggest undergoing a Teeth Scaling and Polishing treatment in Pakistan – to take good care of your teeth.

The buildup of bacteria around the teeth is the most common cause of mouth diseases and gum diseases in people. In dental terms, we refer to the bacteria build up as plaque or calculus. Moreover, bacteria are formed when the food particles are left behind on the surface of the mouth or teeth for a longer period. Those particles can be removed by gargling water in your mouth after every meal, flossing your teeth, and brushing twice every day. However, no matter how well you take care of your teeth, there are areas in the mouth that we can’t reach and clean with a toothbrush.

Even though most of the patients who come to us follow proper dental hygiene practices daily, but they still have tartar, plaque, and other dental problems build over time. Hence, to keep a check over your dental health, it is important to visit your dentist at Dental Aesthetics quarterly or twice a year.

Do you feel like you too have deposits around your teeth that are hard to remove with regular brushing? And you’ve been considering to undergo a Teeth Scaling and Polishing in Lahore procedure? But before anything else, you want to know every detail of how our cosmetic dentists will do the magic on your teeth? Keep reading, we have tried to cover everything you need to know about how we make your smile THE BEST.

What is Teeth Scaling and Polishing?

Scaling and polishing of the teeth is a non-surgical procedure done routinely to get rid of plaque and tartar deposits that build up around the teeth. Let’s dive deep into the details of the procedure, scaling helps remove the plaque around the teeth by using ultrasonic methods.

Firstly, dentists examine the patient’s mouth to identify if they have any problematic areas. Once the examination is complete, they use a specialized modern device to remove the build-up plaque from around the teeth carefully. After getting done with the scaling, our dentist might perform oral irrigation to wash out the remains of the loosened plaque and to prepare the patient for the next step – Teeth Polishing.

After carrying our scaling process which removes the unwanted plaque and debris, our dentists polish the teeth to bring out a natural pearly white shine to the enamel. In some cases, we use a prophylactics paste with changing levels of abrasiveness along with a prophy cup. These pastes help remove the extrinsic stains which are formed on the teeth by food and drinks like tea, coffee, and even smoking.

However, if you want, you can opt for adding fluoride to your paste to re-mineralize your teeth. Though in most cases, our dentists choose the method to polish teeth, considering the patient’s oral health. And this includes sensitive teeth, infected teeth that are swollen, external fillings, and many other dental factors.

Are Any Risks Involved In Scaling And Polishing Teeth?

No, there’s absolutely no direct risk involved in the Teeth Scaling and Polishing procedure. Your teeth and gums won’t be affected in a bad way. Instead, the procedure will prevent them from diseases. However, during the course when we scrape out the plaque off your teeth, you might experience minor sensitivity because of the devices and instruments we use. But don’t worry, we’ll manage it by reducing the frequency of our ultrasonic scaler and using the desensitizing agent. All in all, the procedure is considered safe for all by the renowned implantologist at Dental Aesthetics – Dr. Shahzad Mirza.

The Benefits Of Scaling and Polishing Teeth

Considering that undergoing the scaling and polishing procedure is safe for everyone, it can be beneficial in many ways because it helps;

  • Prevent Gum and Teeth Diseases – For example; Gingivitis, Dental Caries, and Periodontitis, etc.
  • Stop Bad Breath – Halitosis
  • Keeps the Gums Sensitivity-free and Healthy
  • Maintain the Natural Look of the Teeth – Color, Texture, and Brightness.
  • Improve your SMILE

What To Expect After Teeth Scaling And Polishing?

Generally, we consider our Teeth Scaling and Polishing in Lahore procedure as a cosmetic treatment. However, it still involves us using some coarse materials to scale your teeth. Hence, there are chances of you feeling a minor discomfort following the Teeth Scaling Before and After.

Though you don’t have to worry about it. Our dentist will negate it by using a local anesthetic or a numbing paste on the teeth and gums. Besides, we’d advise to neither eat nor drink anything or touch your teeth right after we have scaled and polished them because the numbing effect might still be there.

Ready to get your teeth scaled and polished to smile with confidence once again at an affordable Scaling and Polishing Price (that too without cutting on your tea and coffee intake)? Visit our clinic in DHA – We offer the Best Price for Scaling and Polishing and use advanced pieces of equipment to provide your dental needs! 

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