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HydraFacial Treatments – Why Should You Get One This Winter?

Are you on a hunt for a treatment that rejuvenates your skin and gives your dull skin a healthy glow this winter? HydraFacial Treatments is THE solution to your dry and dull winter skin. We provide this insanely popular skin treatment at Dental Aesthetics, which has no side effects.

But first – What Exactly Are HydraFacial Treatments?

HydraFacial Treatments are customized skin care treatments with no side effects that can get you radiant skin instantly, even in this harsh winter season. When you Get a HydraFacial at Dental Aesthetics, we detoxify your skin, cleanse it, and extract all the impurities that are causing the dullness. All of this helps in maintaining your skin’s elasticity, smooth those forever dreaded fine lines, and unclog the pores.

Overall, it is a complete pain-free and gentle skin care treatment. When you visit our clinic in DHA, Lahore for a HydraFacial Facial Treatment, we will simply ask you to lie back and relax while our dermatologist at Dental Aesthetics will start applying the HydraFacial device to your face and start exfoliating your skin. While the exfoliation takes place, you will probably feel like someone is massaging your face. The reason behind starting off with this exfoliation is to remove the dead skin cells, remove impurities, and hydrate the dull and dry winter skin.

At Dental Aesthetics, we are a team of dental experts as well as skin experts who guarantee that a HydraFacial Treatment is worth your time and money. The best part? Our clients love them too and come back to us from time to time for their HydraFacial Treatments.

And surprisingly, it is not just the people of Lahore who are falling in love with getting a HydraFacial every now and then. All around the world, a HydraFacial is being performed every 15 seconds. Well, this must have had you wondering – Why is HydraFacial the most popular treatment EVER? Book with us for a HydraFacial Treatment and let post-treatment glows answer this question.

The HydraFacial Treatment Process

Before starting the treatment, a dermatologist at Dental Aesthetics will have you over at our clinic for a thorough consultation about your customized HydraFacial Process. To start off the treatment, we will pass a unique spiral-shaped suction tip all over your face.

This step of the facial will exfoliate and detoxify your skin to create a blemish-free and bright complexion. Moreover, it will also give your skin a smoother surface onto which we will apply serums that are then absorbed into the skin.

Next, we use pressure technology and a hydra-dermabrasion technique to open up the pores and remove the dead skin cells using serums of botanical extracts and lactic acid. We will then use another metallic tip to apply salicylic acid and glycolic acid on your skin and dissolve impurities like blackheads.

Then, using another salicylic-based serum and extracts, we will suck out the impurities, deep within your skin with the power of an advanced suction tool. We know, the process does sound scary as we narrate it here. But in reality, it is not scary at all. De facto, it’s a pain-free skin pampering treatment that gently removes dry skin cells and unclogs pores, while the massaging sensation improves blood circulation and leads to facial rejuvenation.

And finally, we apply customized serums that are formulated with ingredients that your skin needs – like hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. Lastly, to end off the treatment and give you that extra glow, we will use an LED light treatment that boosts collagen and Vitamin-D. On the whole, you can expect to be in the chair for around 30 to 60 minutes, and then before you know, you will be all done.

Why Winter Is The Perfect Time To Get A HydraFacial?

Winter and colder months call for moisturized and hydrated skin, which means you need to provide your skin with the best. When the winter winds blow, keeping your skin moisturized and preventing it from flaking gets hard.

Before stepping out for a perfect winter hi-tea with friends or lunch with family to those New Year’s Eve parties, you do not want to spend time worrying about your skin. You need to soak in the winter winds right beside a wood fire with a cup of coffee at a cozy café.

Applying different moisturizers and lotions might help temporarily, but with HydraFacial Treatments, you can let go the worry off your skin without drying out in winters. As our HydraFacial treatment involves applying powerful ingredients like salicylic acid and serums along with a light massage, your skin gets a natural boost of moisture and hydration.

The best part about getting a HydraFacial at Dental Aesthetics is that our dermatologists know how to balance gentle exfoliation and give your skin the right kind of nutrients. So yes, overall, it is a win-win for a person who is worried about the winter dulling their skin.

Book An Appointment For HydraFacial TODAY!

We all wish to look our best during the winter months and achieve that perfect winter look whenever stepping out. However, what no one wants is spending time at clinics for never-ending skin treatments to keep their skin hydrated and moisturized. The great thing about getting a HydraFacial at Dental Aesthetics is that it will only take around 30 to 60 minutes. And Voilà – you will have perfectly hydrated and glowing winter skin. You are convinced to get a HydraFacial This Winter and are interested in booking a consultation with us at Dental Aesthetics? Give us a call or simply visit our clinic in DHA, Lahore. We will be more than happy to help you get that perfect winter skin with a HydraFacial.

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