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HIFU Treatment – A Quick Look At Its Benefits & The Procedure

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 HIFU Treatment – A Quick Look At Its Benefits & The Procedure

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-invasive and practical alternative to getting a facelift surgery. The treatment involves using targeted energy in the form of ultrasound rays for reaching the layers of the skin. Using this technology stimulates the production of elastin and collagen – bringing out firmer skin. To patients who visit Dental Aesthetics complaining about their dull and sagging skin with wrinkles, we suggest getting the HIFU Treatment.

Over the past years, the demand for HIFU has increased in Pakistan. It has also become quite popular among celebrities because of no downtime and other impressive benefits. So, if you are looking for a solution to get wrinkle-free, plump, and firm skin without any facelift, HIFU is the answer. BUT, why not undergo the treatment after knowing its benefits and procedure first? You must have heard about it from your friends or seen the before-after photos of the treatment. However, this is not enough, so read this blog to know what HIFU is all about.

High-quality HIFU Service for Face Treatment

HIFU Treatment  – The Benefits

People often used to think of cosmetic procedures as harmful. However, with the increase in accessibility and popularity of such procedures, especially HIFU, the opinions have changed. High-quality HIFU Service for Face Treatment is now considered a game-changer by everyone because it offers the following benefits:

  • Tightened Sagging Skin
  • Reduced Double Chin
  • Wrinkle-free Skin
  • Face Contouring
  • Lifted Eyebrows and Eyelids
  • Enhanced Jawline

As compared to facelift surgeries, HIFU is more effective and affordable. Moreover, because the treatment does not involve any risk or downtime, patients can continue daily activities right away. We provide the treatment at Dental Aesthetics to many patients, and they always see instant improvements in their skin – lasting up to six months to a year.

Best HIFU Face Treatment in Lahore

What To Expect From The HIFU Treatment Procedure?

On your arrival at our clinic, we will first remove the skincare products and makeup on your face before starting the treatment procedure. Normally, we just clean the face, but in some cases, a numbing cream is also applied to the area to be treated. After that, we apply the ultrasound gel that maximized the contact between the ultrasound device and the skin of the patient.

During the treatment procedure, we hold the HIFU device against the targeted areas of the patient’s skin. In slight bursts, the ultrasound rays are delivered into the skin over 30 to 60 minutes. The best part of getting the HIFU Treatment is that it is pain-free, and only some patients report a prickling or tingling sensation during the procedure. However, if you are sensitive to minimal pain too, we can recommend painkillers to make the procedure comfortable.

Post the procedure, you might experience numbness, redness, or mild swelling on the treated area. But do not worry, all these after-treatment effects subside away within a few hours after the treatment. In the end, what you will get is younger-looking and tighter skin without any wrinkles. Besides, after undergoing the treatment, you can get back to your normal routine right after leaving our clinic.

Best HIFU Face Treatment in Lahore

How Does HIFU Work?

One of the best things about HIFU is that the non-invasive treatment uses the ability of the patient’s body to regenerate skin and give it a firm, younger-looking, and smooth appearance. As mentioned before, during the HIFU procedure, high-intensity focused ultrasound rays are directed deep into the layers of skin. The heat of the rays heats up tissues and triggers the skin regeneration process in the body.

By heating the tissues and skin, the body is signalled to make new proteins that trigger the production of elastin and collagen. As the collagen starts developing, the skin of the patient starts looking smooth and firmer. Wrinkles and creases become less noticeable, and skin is lifted gently with time.

Who Can Get The HIFU Treatment?

We at Dental Aesthetics generally recommend the HIFU Treatment to those with extra facial fats, sagging skin, and chubby cheeks. Other than that, young people seeing early signs of ageing like wrinkles are also ideal candidates for getting HIFU. So, if you are concerned about the creases on your skin and are looking for a non-invasive treatment? Well then, HIFU is your solution.

Undergo HIFU Treatment NOW!

Wrinkles, sagging under eye skin, and creases on your face are affecting your confidence in how good-looking you appear to others? We at Dental Aesthetics are dedicated to helping such people by providing them with the Best HIFU Face Treatment in Lahore.

Our team is understanding, professional, and has the experience to provide such cosmetic treatments. Also, before starting the treatment, they make the patients understand the complete treatment procedure, its benefits, and aftercare. Thus, ensuring them that the treatment is completely safe and effective. To know more about the treatment cost or for booking your consultation appointment, contact us TODAY or visit our clinic in DHA, Lahore.

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