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How Can Teeth Braces Improve The Shape Of Your Face?

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 How Can Teeth Braces Improve The Shape Of Your Face?

Wearing braces offers more than just aligning the teeth. It involves improving the connection between the lower and upper arches for allowing better tooth alignment. When the teeth and jaws are aligned, they leave a positive effect on the features of your face. So, if you have mild crowding or spacing, your smile might be the only thing making a noticeable change on your face – why not get it fixed with Teeth Braces?

Whether it is a severe case of an underbite, jaw imbalance, overbite, or even slight misalignment of teeth, your facial look can be affected negatively. Hence, improve your dental health by obtaining consultation from an orthodontist at Dental Aesthetics who knows how to balance facial aesthetics and teeth. But before you do, let us tell you why you really need to get braces and how they can improve your face shape.

Firstly – What Are Braces?

Braces are used by orthodontists for straightening teeth to improve their appearance and function. Additionally, they also help with maintaining good oral health and eating in a better way.

By applying pressure on the teeth Dental Braces move them in the direction that is desired. As the pressure starts affecting, the bones in the jaw start shifting – therefore allowing the teeth and their roots to align.

Dental Braces

If your smile is not ideal, you might have already thought that your opportunity to get the perfect one is missed. After all, most people get braces during their teenage years or late 20s. However, let us break the news to you – age is just a number when it comes to getting braces because everyone can benefit from orthodontic treatment.

Who Needs To Get Braces?

People who suffer from the condition Malocclusion need to get braces immediately. It is a common problem that happens when the teeth and jaw are misaligned. There are many different types of malocclusion which we have talked about below – find out if you are suffering from any.

  • Open Bite

When someone has an open bite, their front teeth do not touch the bottom teeth and for attempting to close the lips, they have to expand them to fit on the teeth. Such a condition results in a face appearing long, with significant difficulty in eating and communicating. Teeth Braces can fix this problem by bringing front teeth in contact with the lower teeth. Therefore, enhancing the function and smile – as well as providing a face shape everyone desires.

  • Overbite

Another kind of malocclusion that Orthodontic Braces improve is an overbite, which is basically sunken cheeks and a weak chin. This results when the top teeth have protruded far ahead from the bottom teeth. Braces can strengthen the jawline and chin by aligning the jawline and generating a more balanced face shape.

  • Underbite

Are your bottom teeth ahead of the upper teeth? You have an underbite which leads to lower jaw projecting. In this situation, braces can bring a noticeable change in the face shape as they correct the imbalance between the lower and upper jaws. Moreover, when the jaws and teeth will contact in the right way, there will be harmony in your face’s lower half and overall facial features.

Braces Cost

How Braces Improve The Face Shape?

Many people let go off the idea of getting their teeth straightened because they think that the Braces Cost in Pakistan is not worth it. However, what they do not know is that it is a one-time investment in improving the appearance of their smile – which is the first thing everyone notices. When braces are removed, the improvements are quite natural, like an aligned jawline and straightened teeth. On top of it, the improvements in the facial appearance that cannot be ignored include:

  • Enhanced Face Profile

Face profile is one of the areas where patients see the most improvement when they get Teeth Braces for straightening teeth. This is because treating the overbite, underbite, and open bite helps in realigning the upper lip and jaw. Ultimately, redefining the jawline and softening the facial features.

  • Distinct Cheekbones

Some specific orthodontic problems like malocclusions and spacing result in cheekbone and jawbone disorders. Even more, overcrowding accentuates the jawline and uneven spacing between teeth leads to sunken cheekbones. The orthodontists at Dental Aesthetics recommend getting them fixed by paying a reasonable Braces Cost. It will improve the structure of the jaws and cheekbones, making them appear more ideal and defined for creating a perfect smile.

  • Refined Jawline

Underbites and overbites can lead to the jaw protruding outwards in a manner that makes the smile look unattractive. In addition, the misaligned jaw can also cause a problem in the temporal mandibular joint, which is severely painful and uncomfortable. By adding pressure on the ligaments connecting the teeth with the jawbone, the wires and brackets of the teeth do their magic and redefine the jawline.

Ready To Brace Your Smile?

Orthodontic treatments provide a lot more benefits than simply aligning the teeth. So, on paying the Braces Price in Pakistan, expect to get an improved jawline, facial symmetry, and jawline. However, before that, get your teeth examined by an orthodontist at Dental Aesthetics to get an idea of what improvements to expect. Call us today to book a consultation with an orthodontist.

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