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How Is Laser Hair Removal for Face Life-Changing?

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 How Is Laser Hair Removal for Face Life-Changing?

All of us have hair on our face that we wish were not there – from the forehead to upper lips, sideburns, under the chin and the full face too in some cases. Hours are spent daily on threading, shaving, and waxing the unwanted facial hair. But do you know that there is a better way to get rid of them? Laser Hair Removal is an effective solution to permanently remove unwanted facial hair.

However, many people get confused about if the treatment is painful and what benefits it offers. Hence, for all those tired of unwanted facial hair considering going under the laser, we have covered this blog. Keep reading it to understand everything about the treatment this treatment that we provide at Dental Aesthetics and then go ahead with it.

Firstly – What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Performed by trained and licensed technicians at our clinic, Hair Removal with laser is a non-invasive and simple process. It involves the use of laser light on the area that has unwanted hair. Pulses of the laser are emitted to damage the melanin content in the hair follicles – which destroys the hair at the root and prevents their growth.

Normally, the hair on our face grows in different phases, so to destroy their roots effectively with the laser, we treat them in the growth phase. Precisely, this means that multiple laser sessions are required for achieving hair-free skin, roughly a month apart.

Hair Removal

Common Hair Removal Methods – What Are Their Cons?

There are countless methods out there for removing unwanted facial hair. However, all of them have some cons when compared to Laser Hair Removal. Let’s talk about them before you visit our clinic and we start your treatment.

· Electrolysis

One of the permanent options to getting rid of unwanted facial hair is electrolysis.  The procedure involves inserting a fine needle into the hair follicle directly, which kills the hair from the root and prevents it from growing back.

Unlike hair removal with the laser that destroys multiple hair roots simultaneously, individual hair is targeted in electrolysis. Other than that, it is quite a painful and time-taking process. Hence, to see the final results, one has to endure the pain of hundreds of needles and that is a big NO.

· Depilatory Creams

Even though such creams work quickly, using them is messy and they contain harmful chemicals which are not safe to use on the face. Moreover, many people experience a burning sensation and redness on their skin after using depilatory creams, especially if their skin is sensitive. Above all, their results are temporary and one can see those unwanted hair peeping out right after a day or two.

· Waxing

Out of all the ways of removing facial hair, waxing causes the most pain. While it does pull out the hair successfully from the roots to wax them, enough re-growth should be there. So, if you want hair-free and smooth skin all the time, waxing is not a great option as you have to wait till the hair grows back to a specific length.

Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal on Face

· Shaving

The most common but hectic process of hair removal is shaving. You have to shave repeatedly if you want to remain hair-free because they grow back the very next day. Also, if you are thinking that it is painful so there are no worries, ever noticed what happens after shaving? Using a razor often causes burns and ingrown hair, which is extremely painful. Also, this is the last thing you would want to see on your face other than the unwanted hair. So, choose the permanent option and go under the laser.

Laser Hair Removal – Why Is It THE BEST Method

We at Dental Aesthetics believe that getting unwanted facial hair removed with a laser is the best and most permanent method. Even after reading the cons of using other ways for hair removal, if you are still skeptical about hair removal with a laser procedure, let us get you through its benefits.

1. Quick Procedure

If you have been searching for a permanent solution to get rid of your unwanted facial hair, Laser Hair Removal is the fastest way to get rid of them. In just six to eight sessions which only take a few minutes, you can achieve hair-free skin. The smaller the area you want to get treated, the lesser time you will have to spend under the laser. For instance, if you are just getting unwanted hair on your sideburns treated, it might just take 15 minutes per session. However, a full-face treatment might take 30 minutes to be treated. 

2. Pain-Free Method

People often think that going under the laser for facial hair removal is painful. However, in reality, it is completely pain-free. Patients who get the treatment at our clinic equate the feel of the laser to a snap of a rubber band on the skin or a slight pinch. Even if your pain threshold is less, you will only feel slightly uncomfortable. Though normally, the sessions are so quick that every patient finds it easy to bear.

Laser Hair Removal Services

3. Prevents Ingrown Hair

Other methods of hair removal that we have mentioned above lead to ingrown hair. So, if you are prone to ingrown hair that leads to painful bumps, getting unwanted facial hair removed by laser is your option. It will destroy your facial hair from its roots and there will be no worry of them growing back or curling within the skin – becoming ingrown.

4. Long-Lasting Results

Everyone who goes under the laser at Dental Aesthetics for getting rid of unwanted facial hair sees permanent and lasting results. In some cases, patients might need a touch-up after a few years, but for most of them, it is a permanent solution. Moreover, because its results are long-lasting, getting Laser Hair Removal Services is also cost-effective. Over the years, you will save a lot of money that would spend on monthly waxing appointments or razors. 

Book Your Appointment TODAY!

Fed up with waxing, tweezing, and threading your facial hair? It is time to consider getting them removed with a laser. There are absolutely no Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal on Face, so consider getting it NOW. Book your appointment with us at Dental Aesthetics and we assure you after just a few sessions, you will be able to flaunt hair-free skin every day.

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