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How Mouth Guards Help in Treatment of TMPDS?

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 How Mouth Guards Help in Treatment of TMPDS?

What is TMPDS? 

TMD stands for temporomandibular pain and dysfunction syndrome 

If someone experiences pain and discomfort while opening and closing mouth, limited mouth opening along with clicking or popping noise he is suffering from tmj pain or tmpds

Pain and muscular distress around the jaw joint and associated muscles 

Patients with TMPDS are diagnosed on basis of 

  • History of trauma
  • Xrays 
  • Habits like clenching , pencil chewing 
  • Stress
  • Medical history involving connective tissue disorder or bone diseases arthritis 
  • Sleep pattern

Treatment goal is to figure out the root cause of the discomfort is it bony or muscular?

Patients are advised with a number of therapies, one of them is  a mouth guard also called as a splint

  • How does a mouth guard help in treatment of TMPDS
  • These are used to keep the jaws in position 
  • Keep the teeth away from contact 
  • Keeping teeth from grinding during the night 
  • Reducing muscular stress 
  • Reducing chances of lock jaw
Image result for mouth guards

To accomplish the relieve from TMD pain the mouth guard should have good fit.

For that the dentist need to analyse the patient his bite and to decide what kind of a splint his condition demands and take a good impression of his teeth otherwise it may worsen the situation and might cause more pain or dislocation 

Types of Mouth Guards / Splint:


acrylic dental night guard

 It stabilizes the jaw in that position and it covers all teeth and it keeps teeth from grinding and keeping the joint at least stress. They are worn during night mostly as its an involuntary action of which the patient is not aware himself at times and depending upon the demand they are made from hard or soft acrylic sheet material

Re-positioning Split

It basically re-positions the lower jaw more forwardly and the jaw joint is set to close at a new position and its previous memory is lost. The cast of the patient is set up on an articulator. These are worn 24 hours a day 

Image result for steps of repositioning splint

Along with mouth guards patients are asked to 

  • Facial muscles and neck muscle exercises for every day
  • Modify diet taking small bites while eating, switch to soft diet 
  • Use ice packing to reduce inflammation of jaw joint 
  • Change sleep posture prefer using soft pillows
  • Change habits 
  • Avoid stress 
  • Muscle relaxants 
  • Good sleep cycle

Step Wise Treatment Plan

A number of diseases are ruled out with a good history and our dental specialists cater it properly by reviewing patients symptoms and make a good treatment plan to comfort the patient at the earliest.  Secondly to assess the bite of the patient and to check for any sharp cusps or cheek bite or attrition of incisal or occlusal surfaces of teeth (any sort of tooth damage during the habit of clenching).Thirdly good impression of the teeth to have a perfect fit of the mouth guard

At Dental Aesthetics we provide our patients with full information regarding this problem and how to combat it. If you been experiencing these symptoms you must consult us and we will provide you with a non-invasive treatment procedure

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