To understand the management of caries in babies we need to know the chemical process due to which caries progress leading to cavitation (hole in teeth filled with bacteria)

Process of early childhood decay:

The process of decay which is referred to as Caries is basically related to the diet of infant which involves dairy products with high sugar content, juices and starch containing products.

Initially the tooth surfaces appears chalky and later on it appears darker which appears as a small hole later it eats up the tooth enamel (still being the hardest outer layer)

Most common reason behind this damage is bottle feeding 


Yes it is most dangerous causative factor of all to initiate this process of decay which is called as “baby bottle caries “ babies sleeping with that bottle in mouth the sugar in the milk (lactose if sugar is not added is already there in milk ) feeds on bacteria acts on the tooth surfaces throughout the night 

Most common symptom is black decayed upper anterior teeth due to negligence of the caretaker or mother 

Preventing Tooth Decay in Infants

Role of mothers or caretakers 

  • Don’t put your babies to sleep with bottles in their mouth 
  • Remove the contact from the bottle when he falls asleep
  • Never add sugar to milk or formula 
  • By around 12 months of age switch to sippy cups 
  • Never put juices in bottle at night and reduce the frequency of intake of juices and sweets because it would make the kids more prone to getting caries 
  • Whenever you see a tooth in mouth use a cotton cloth move it through the gums to keep it all clean 
  • By age of 12-36 months use a rice grain size fluoride toothpaste and small soft brush 
  • By age of 6 years use a pea size tooth paste and a soft brush with circular strokes 
  • Best times to brush is after breakfast and before bed 


If you have concerns with your baby’s teeth book your appointment with the dentist first and recommended dental checkup is before age of 1 or when your baby gets his first tooth.

Healthy dental habits should start early because caries process starts as soon as first tooth erupts 

Here at Dental Aesthetics we provide all the care you need for your child be it their first dental visit or a routine dental checkup


For earliest carious lesion or pit and fissure sealents are available and brushing might help stop the decay process 

For carious lesions, GIC or composite filling material is available 

For deep carious lesion that involves pulp area (that contains nerve ) pulpectomy is done which is basically root treatment in kids 

Stainless steel crowns are available to restore the space and the well being of surrounding teeth 

Extraction is done under consideration of our pediatric dental specialist by reviewing the status of permanent teeth with the help of an Xray and considering age of the kid

To get help and assistance of our dentists get yourself an appointment at Dental Aesthetics where your child will get treatment in a friendly environment