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How Wisdom Tooth Extraction Can Help You Improve Your Oral Health?

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 How Wisdom Tooth Extraction Can Help You Improve Your Oral Health?

You thought that you are done with new teeth popping out of your gums? Think again, as your wisdom tooth might be erupting if you are between the ages of 17 or 25. Many people choose to keep their wisdom teeth when they erupt. However, at Dental Aesthetics, we recommend Wisdom Tooth Extraction to most of our patients; to prevent infections, cavities, and crowding. If your wisdom tooth has erupted and you are still not considering getting it removed, keep on reading this blog, as it explains how wisdom tooth removal improves dental and oral health.

Why Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Important?  

Wisdom Teeth Removal is an essential and crucial dental care treatment that patients need to undergo when a wisdom tooth erupts. Usually, the third and final set of teeth that erupt in a young person’s mouth are wisdom teeth. They erupt somewhere between the age of 17 to 25, and it is necessary to get them removed if:

  • They are crooked
  • There is no room in your mouth for a wisdom tooth
  • The wisdom tooth is stuck halfway inside the gum and has erupted partially

Besides, if you experience symptoms like tooth pain, frequent headaches, and swollen gums – visit our dental clinic at the earliest. These are signs that you need to get your wisdom tooth removed before they hit your overall oral health. By undergoing this procedure, you can make a huge difference in your daily routine. For example, wisdom tooth removal increases comfort by reducing the overcrowding of teeth. Moreover, it also prevents tooth decay which results because of overcrowding and plaque build-up. So, at the end of the day, the procedure is something you definitely need to consider if you are experiencing the symptoms mentioned above.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Benefits Of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Other than helping the patient get rid of headaches, tooth pain, and continuous discomfort, Wisdom Tooth Extraction provides the following benefits:

1.  Prevents Tooth Decay

It very common for people to not have enough space in their mouth for extra teeth. In such cases, when wisdom teeth erupt, they have no place to adjust in the mouth. As a result, they push other teeth out of their way and make room to adjust. Whenever you feel like your wisdom tooth is erupting forcefully, visit our dental clinic in DHA Lahore. Our dentists will track the wisdom tooth’s eruption path before it affects other teeth and extract it if needed.

In the worst case, if the wisdom tooth pushes the alignment of a patient’s teeth, it makes brushing and flossing quite hard. Since crowded teeth mean giving plaque more places to built-up, there is a high risk of cavities, gum diseases, and other dental issues leading to tooth decay. However, if the wisdom tooth is removed before it affects the teeth alignment, tooth decay is prevented to the maximum.

2.  Protects The Smile

After undergoing numerous orthodontic treatments to get that dream smile and regularly brushing and flossing teeth, the last thing a patient wants is wisdom teeth to ruin it all. Therefore, when we examine that there is no space in a patient’s jaw to accommodate a wisdom tooth, we recommend getting it removed. By paying a little to no Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost, patients can protect their beautiful smiles from crooked teeth and crowding.

3.  Protection From Infections

If a wisdom tooth does not get enough room to erupt through the gums, it can lead to infection around the tooth. For instance, cysts can develop around the partially erupted wisdom tooth, and the patient can be at the risk of getting a bacterial infection called pericoronitis. This infection happens when the gum surrounding the partially erupted wisdom tooth starts swelling up and gets infected. It all sounds very uncomfortable and painful to even think about? Well then, as soon as you see any signs of a wisdom tooth erupting, visit our dental clinic for a dental checkup.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction – the procedure

The actual Wisdom Tooth Extraction process involves one of our dentists numbing the wisdom tooth eruption area in the patient’s mouth. Next, a small incision is made in the gums of the patient, directly above the wisdom tooth. In case there is any bone present, we remove it and then access the wisdom tooth directly. Once accessed, we carefully and safely extract it and close the area with dissolving stitches.

Post the procedure, we advise the patients to only intake liquid and soft foods for at least a few days. Moreover, to facilitate the healing process, we also recommend rinsing the mouth twice or thrice a day with warm water and salt mixture.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost

When it comes to extracting a wisdom tooth, not every dental case is the same. While some wisdom teeth erupt further in the jawlines, making it difficult to remove them, others are easier to extract. Therefore, there is no exact Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost. It all depends on where the wisdom tooth has erupted and how hard it is to remove it. For a better estimation of your extraction cost, schedule a dental checkup with us.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Convinced to get your wisdom tooth extracted and get rid of all the pain and discomfort? Book an appointment with us at Dental Aesthetics. Our dentists will first analyze if a wisdom tooth extraction is your only option and then start your treatment!

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