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Hydra Facial Treatment

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 Hydra Facial Treatment

Why Our Hydra Facial In Lahore Is The Most Popular Treatment EVER?

Even if you haven’t had a Hydra Facial yet, you must’ve heard about it or probably seen it on your favorite Instagram influencer’s feed. It is a facial performed using a suction device that targets everything to bring out a glow. From oily and blocked pores to hyperpigmentation and fine lines – you name it and we treat it. Probably, that’s the reason why our Hydra Facial in Lahore is one of the most popular skin treatment EVER. However, we know, before giving it a go, you’d want to know everything about it. Hence, dermatologists at Dental Aesthetics have covered this article on Hydra Facial Benefits and its overall process.

Why Is Our Hydra Facial In Lahore Popular?

There are many facial treatments out there, but getting the right one only can turn your skin from dull to glowing. And that’s precisely the reason why our Hydra Facial in Lahore is very popular. It works wonders on every skin type, be it oily or dry, and has no downtime.

Now that winters have approached and dry skin is the norm, this treatment will be particularly requested. And that too by both, men and women. Plus, if your big day is approaching, this facial is a must-have to get that extra glow. However, we wouldn’t recommend it to those suffering from cystic acne.

The Hydra Facial Treatment Process

Normally, the Hydra Facial is a several step process. We’ll start off by cleansing your skin. It will be followed by applying a light toner that will prime your skin for the next step – Dermabrasion. This step gets rid of your skin’s impurities and allows it to be more receptive when we infuse glycolic and salicylic acid.

Once we apply the peels, the facial reaches the extraction phase. It is then followed by the final step – Infusing hyaluronic peptide; to restore moisture and glow. For some patients, we top this off with LED lights to stimulate the collagen. Even though this takes extra 30 minutes, the results are much more convincing. Here’s a detailed breakdown of every step;


At this step, we increase the lymphatic circulation of your skin by moving a metallic suction device along the lymphatic system. Better circulation doesn’t only help us remove the toxins but also boosts the blood flow. Moreover, our Hydra Facial in Lahore also provides some extra oxygen that invigorates your skin.


Next, an exfoliating vacuum-like tip is gently circulated on your skin to get rid of the dead skin cells. At the same time, a revitalizing serum is also applied to your skin to hydrate and protect it. Besides, we make sure that the serum is fully customized to suit your skin time.

Face Acids

To deep cleanse your skin, unclog the pores and brighten it, we press a glycolic or salicylic solution all over it. We call it a high-strength 15% salicylic acid treatment. And yes, it stings!


This step is a combination of water and suction using a vortex extraction nozzle. It helps us draw out the whiteheads and blackheads trapped in your skin pores. The result? Tiny and tight pores!


The final step of our very popular Hydra Facial is applying a nourishing serum. It will drench your skin with powerful and protecting anti-oxidants and collagen-boosting peptides. Thus, leaving your skin feel baby soft, plump, and smooth.

Usually, our Hydra Facial Cost in Pakistan depends on the number of steps of your process. You can choose between the steps depending on your skin health and type. Moreover, there’s also an option for more add-ones like the LED light. Hence, the cost varies from one patient to another.

What Results To Expect From Our Hydra Facial?

Often, facials have a downtime. You must’ve noticed there are a few days of sensitive skin. And you don’t get to see the glowy-self instantly. However, our Hydra Facial will leave you with dewy and radiant skin as soon as the process ends.

Moreover, the difference between Hydra Facial Before and After is also HUGE. Your skin texture will feel softer than you’ve felt before and the pores will be tighter. It also reduces the appearance of blemishes. So that’s another plus. Besides, you can also customize the process depending on your skin type and issues. From fine lines to the pores and dullness – everything can be treated.

Initially, our cosmetologists at Dental Aesthetics will assess your skin, its issues, and needs. Then, they’ll choose between the kinds of peels, like 15% salicylic acid or a combination of AHAs. Moreover, they will also select the right suction strength considering your skin type.

Following the Hydra Facial, you might notice a little peeling around your nose the next few days. But we guarantee that the blackhead-free Hydra Facial Benefits Before and After will be worth it!

Post Hydra Facial – The Do’s and Don’ts

During the treatment, we will have performed extractions that make the skin prone to irritations. Hence, avoid touching your skin unnecessarily. And if possible, book your appointment with us in the evening or late afternoon. Moreover, when you visit our clinic in DHA, Lahore, avoid wearing any serum, cream, or makeup. Plus, it is a safe idea to workout pre-facial because sweat and heat can also irritate your skin. Simply put, leave your skin alone for a good 12-hour period – avoid putting anything on it, and don’t sweat a lot.

Product-wise, post-facial, make sure that you don’t wear any chemical exfoliate for a few days. Plus, wear sunscreen every day because your skin will be more exposed to UVA and UVB rays. Though we believe you do wear sunscreen always when stepping out.

Will The Hydra Facial Make Up For Your Bad Skincare Regime?

Quite honestly, you shouldn’t forget that the Hydra Facial can’t replace a healthy skincare routine. While the facial gives your skin an instant push of glow, a good skincare routine keeps your skin youthful from within. Hence, combine the benefits of both, and we assure you, the results will be worth it. Book your appointment with Dental Aesthetics today for a Hydra Facial by giving us a call or visit our clinic in DHA, Lahore. We’ll improve your skin health and give you the glow you’ve always dreamt of!

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