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Can HydraFacial Treatment Really Give You Younger-Looking Skin?

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 Can HydraFacial Treatment Really Give You Younger-Looking Skin?

Whether you are in your 20s, 50s, or even older, know that your skin deserves the BEST of care. Even though a good skincare routine can give a more vibrant and youthful glow to your skin that is ageing, keeping it the same for longer can be hard. Sometimes, no serum or skincare products work for preventing wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and other imperfections on the skin. To reduce the appearance of spots and restore the youthful glow of your skin, you can get the HydraFacial Treatment we provide at Dental Aesthetics.

While there are endless spa and medical treatments that claim to help you get healthy and smooth skin, only some of them are non-invasive, gentle, and effective. Unlike other treatments, HydraFacial targets every imperfection rather than just one skin problem. Sounds promising but do you want to know more about the treatment before you get it to turn back your ageing clock? We have your concerns covered in this blog – keep reading!

5 Ways HydraFacial Treatment Gives Younger-Looking Skin

Reading about skin treatment, you must have surely thought – why choose it over other normal facials that probably cost less too? Well, while we do agree that they cost less, the results are also temporary and just last a few days or a week maximum. However, when you get the HydraFacial, its results last and are more noticeable. It can give you younger-looking skin by:

Reducing Wrinkles & Fine Lines

1.      Reducing Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Similar to chemical peeling, the HydraFacial Treatment also lifts the skin, removes dead skin cells from it, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. However, rather than using strong acids for achieving the results, when providing this facial treatment at Dental Aesthetics, we use spiral water suction for accomplishing the same outcomes. Therefore, ensuring that the wrinkles and fine lines are reduced gently – without peeling or irritating the skin.

2.      Lightening Patches & Dark Spots

Mostly, when it comes to getting rid of dark spots, age spots, or sunspots, people focus more on getting photo facial treatments that involve the use of laser. However, what they do not know is that these treatments have drawbacks like temporarily ageing the skin and even teeth sensitivity.

On the other hand, one of the HydraFacial Benefits is that it is a gentle treatment option with no side effects. We only use pulsating and spiralling water for getting beneath the skin of our patients, awaken their blood vessels and clear out all the impurities. Overall, it is a popular and preferred alternative to other invasive treatments for reducing the appearance of patches and spots without causing any harm to the skin.

HydraFacial Benefits

3.      Cleaning Clogged Pores

We live in a much-polluted environment, which means that there is always dirt and dust around us. The pores on our skin hold that dirt and produce oil – causing many issues on the skin such as acne, discolouration, and even premature wrinkles.

With the unique spiral suction technology that we use at Dental Aesthetics to provide facial treatment, the water slides beneath the skin. It removes all the impurities and dirt out of the pores to leave behind an evened-out skin tone and a youthful, vibrant glow.

4.      Shrinking Enlarged Pores

Beneath the skin, we have lots of dirt hiding which causes the pores to enlarge and give it an uneven look. By removing the impurities and dirt that are trapped inside the skin pores, HydraFacial does not only improves the health of the skin but also shrinks the pores. The after results are smooth and pore-free skin glowing from within.

5.      Clearing Up Mild Acne

Anyone can get affected by acne. Unfortunately, many people use hard chemicals for clearing the dirt and oil from their skin, which leads to potential damage and acne in the worst case.

HydraFacial Treatment that we provide ends the need for using those harsh chemical-based peels and washes. By gently and effectively washing away the impurities and dirt, we reduce the chances of patients experiencing acne breakouts and clear the acne spots already existing.

Shrinking Enlarged Pores

6.      Reducing Breakouts On Oily Skin

Suffering from oily skin since forever and no skincare routine seems to work on it? If that is the case, there are chances that the pores on your skin are clogged and you are at the risk of acne breakouts.

Reduce the risk of breaking out with acne and getting blemished on your face by getting HydraFacial at Dental Aesthetics. The gentle spiral suction technology we use for providing skin treatment exfoliates and removes all the oil and dirt from beneath the surface of the skin. Thus, giving you oil-free and healthy skin.

Dos & Don’ts Post HydraFacial Treatment

After the patients get HydraFacial at our clinic, we recommend avoiding picking or touching their skin. As extractions have been performed on the skin, it can get irritated easily. Moreover, we usually book appointments for the treatment in the evening or late afternoon and ask patients to not wear makeup so that serums do their wonders.

Basically, post-hydrafacial, you will be leaving your skin alone for the next 12 hours and do not put anything on it. Besides that, wearing sunscreen after it is mandatory as the skin gets more vulnerable to damage.

Ready To Provide Your Skin All The Needed Hydration?

No matter what the age or gender is, everyone’s skin deserves some little extra attention to look good. By getting the Best HydraFacial In Lahore that we provide at Dental Aesthetics, you can get your skin cleansed, hydrate the tired skin cells and achieve the glowing skin you always wanted to flaunt.

Rest assured, flawless skin will not be a result of harsh chemical-based products or abrasive washes. Your hydrated skin is now just a treatment away – book your appointment with us TODAY. If the facial is your treatment option, we will begin it right away!

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