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Is Getting Porcelain Veneers Worth The Cost & Results?

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 Is Getting Porcelain Veneers Worth The Cost & Results?

Porcelain Veneers are an ideal solution to transform your smile. If you have stained, chipped, or worn down teeth and are considering cosmetic dentistry for any other reason, veneers should be your go-to option. They are very popular among the patients at Dental Aesthetics. Who are looking for ways to improve the way their smile appears. Are you too conscious of your smile and want to give it a complete makeover without having to undergo any invasive dental treatment? Get veneers – but before you do, let us get you through some of its benefits. After all, it is a matter of your smile!

Top 6 Benefits Of Getting Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are tooth-colored thin shells that are attached to the front surface of a person’s teeth to improve the appearance of their smile. Mostly, they are made using porcelain and are bonded to the teeth permanently. We use them at our Dental Hospital in Lahore to treat different cosmetic concerns of the patients, including discolored, broken, smaller-than-average, or chipped teeth. Preferably, veneers are used for the following benefits they promise:

1. Subtle Tweak Or Dramatic Transformation

One of the notable benefits of Porcelain Veneers is that they provide an option to decide the level of improvement a person wants in their smile. For instance, you can have only one tooth that you are not happy with. Our dentist will repair it with a single veneer that blends in with other teeth and remain unnoticeable. Or, if you want a completely new smile, we can also place veneers to make all your teeth brighter, straighter, and longer. Though this kind of dramatic smile transformation will surely be noticed, it will give you your DREAM SMILE.

Veneer Teeth

2. Natural Appearance

As veneers look so much like our natural teeth, most people will not be able to pick them out from your natural teeth. The advanced ceramics that we use at Dental Aesthetics. Veneer Teeth have the same luster as natural tooth enamel, and they are also as transparent as enamel. They are crafted with the patient’s natural teeth shape and customized to match the other teeth in the mouth. Moreover, they are also sized to complement the facial proportions and natural smile. So yes, gone are the days of fake and large smiles – that were a bigger nightmare than the chipped or stained natural teeth.

3. Long-Lasting Results

Many of our patients hear the word porcelain and jump to a conclusion that veneers are fragile. However, that is not actually true, as they are made with advanced dental ceramics – porcelain, because of the color. These veneers are so strong that they can even be used for advanced applications like tank armor and bulletproof vests. Not saying that Dental Veneers can stop a bullet, however, they are anything but fragile. Generally, around 90% of the veneers last for over a decade without getting cracked or chipped, given that they are properly cared for. Hence, the results are long-lasting at an affordable Veneers Cost, we guarantee.

Porcelain Teeth

4. Fast Results Than Orthodontics

When used for straightening the teeth, Porcelain Veneers are called instant orthodontics by the dentists at Dental Aesthetics. Thinking why? Because they take around one month only to fix the teeth as compared to traditional orthodontics which takes a year or even more. Veneers straighten teeth in a different way than orthodontics. With the latter, tooth roots are moved, which requires the body the shape the jawbone around the teeth – a slower process. However, veneers give the teeth a new shape, so that they appear straight without moving the tooth roots. Hence, win-win situation, in which you get fast results.

5. Results Brighter Than Teeth Whitening

People usually try teeth whitening and are left disappointed. Because the results are not great but because they do not last long.  Also, if you have naturally thin or dull enamel, teeth discoloration, or enamel defects, changes are that whitening will not get you the desired results. Porcelain Teeth veneers can give you a smile as bright as you want. Even whiter than the natural tooth enamel can. Of course, this can be too much whitening if you simply want your smile to look natural and beautiful, but it is totally up to you. Moreover, they also promise teeth whitening that lasts longer, easily a decade, or even more with proper oral care.

Porcelain Veneers Services

6. One Procedure To A Better Smile

Perhaps, one of the best things about Porcelain Veneers Services that we provide at Dental Aesthetics is that they just take one single procedure to fulfill the dreams of a patient. With veneers, one can correct almost every cosmetic problem. Including teeth that are crooked, discolored, crowded, rotated, gapped, worn, or poorly shaped. Reshaping, straightening, whitening: achieved all at once in less than a month, so that you have a perfect smile.

Your New Smile Is Waiting – Book An Appointment TODAY!

All the benefits of getting Veneers in Lahore have convinced you to get the smile that you always dreamt of? If that is so, book a consultation with a Lahore Dentist at Dental Aesthetics. We are ready to help you improve the appearance of your smile with the Best Veneers in Pakistan at a reasonably affordable Porcelain Veneers Cost.

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