Broken Jaw / Face Bone Fracture Treatment in Lahore, Pakistan

Facial or Jawbone Fractures are common Emergencies that require immediate care. Most common cause of facial fractures are roadside accidents, interpersonal violence or domestic violence and industrial accidents as well as sports related injuries. We have a team of Maxillofacial Surgeons available at Dental Aesthetics for consultation and immediate care of any Facial trauma. Team of specialist Maxillofacial Surgeons helps in most modern way to deal with the trauma. Broken jaw, facial injury or fracture terms are used when there is breach in the bone due to trauma. Facial Fractures mostly occur due to direct impact or force to the face affecting jawbones, cheekbone. Nasal bone and forehead.

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Jaw Fracture Treatment Lahore

Fractures of face are also named according to the bone involved, Mandible, Maxilla, Zygomatic, Orbital and Nasal bone fractures. There is no age specification but according to research it mostly affects men more than women. Mostly men riding bikes without wearing Helmets are most likely to have jaw fracture. This is very common to have jaw fracture in Pakistan while riding a bike without wearing a helmet.

The most common features of jaw or any facial bone fracture are pain around the jawbone, difficulty in mouth opening, inability to speak, difficulty in chewing, eating and swallowing, discoloration of overlying skin as well as swelling of the jaw is common. The complications include bleeding, difficulty in breathing, numbness around the teeth or affected area, mobile and unbalanced teeth not fitting properly with the opposing jaw. The Jaw may protrude forward with an inability to close.

The fracture may cause numbness of any specific region that could be due to nerve injury. Fracture of cheekbone, forehead bone affects the base of skull and eyes which causes swelling and blackening of eyeball & around the eyes; this may cause diplopia or double vision, face widening, depression. Nasal bone fracture may also the above-mentioned symptoms. This may lead to functional and Aesthetic problems

Jaw Treatment:

Jaw Fracture management depends on the  condition of the  patients injury or extent of broken jaw. Fracture managed according to mild moderate or severe displacement. There are stages of injury from mild to severe. The treatment protocol depends on the severity. A diagnosis is made on the clinical and radiographic evaluation. Patient visit to our dental practice at Dental Aesthetics or our consultant can make a visit to the patient for consultation. It is advised to contact the consultant at earliest to avoid any complications.Dentoalveolar Fracture Hamza Yaseen

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon Prof Yaqoob Baig Mirza ex Dean of Dentistry has been Dean of Dentistry for last 4 decades. His vast experience in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery with a team of Maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Asim Naqash trained in maxillofacial surgery in Iran and qualified Facial Aesthetics.

Commonly used treatments involve surgically fixing the fractured bones and tooth at their original position with the help of wires titanium plates and screws. The main reason for jaw fracture fixation with plates and screws is early recovery and return to normal routine for food intake and jaw movements like opening and closing of jaw.

Patient can eat and chew with ease immediately with gradual transition from soft to hard diet. Fractured bones normally heal within in 6 weeks of surgery. After Surgery regular follow up with the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon to ensure smooth and normal recovery. If untreated or neglected then it can cause widening or elongation of your face, unbalanced eyes and improperly fitting teeth along with many other problems mentioned above.

Dental Aesthetics well-experienced & qualified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons along with trained team will take care any Accidental or Facial injury with complete rehabilitation.

Dental Aesthetics provides you 24/7 Dental Emergency. If you come across any dental emergency, you can call us immediately.

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