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Why Is Our Laser Hair Removal Treatment Popular Than Electrolysis?

We all know how hard it is to maintain and get rid of unwanted body hair. At Dental Aesthetics, we have modern laser technologies available to make hair removal convenient. You will not have to thread-away or wax your facial hair every other day or undergo painful hair removal sessions. With our effective Laser Hair Removal Treatment, we will prevent unnecessary hair growth and give you the hair-free face and body that you have been dreaming of.

Other than the popular Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Pakistan, there is another procedure too – Electrolysis. This procedure also helps in disrupting the growth of unnecessary hair. However, this treatment is believed to be less effective than laser hair removal. Are you someone who wants to get rid of their unnecessary face and body hair? Keep reading to know which hair removal treatments you should choose for the best and long-lasting results.

What Is Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser Hair Removal Treatment is a safe and effective treatment that helps in removing unwanted facial and body hair. During this laser hair removal treatment, we use laser rays to stop the growth of our patient’s hair follicles. With different wavelengths, we penetrate their skin and damage the melanin pigment in the hair follicles that grows the hair long. This way, the temperature of the follicles rises and the roots of the hair are destroyed. Our cosmetologists at Dental Aesthetics claim that this is one of the best procedures to get rid of unwanted hair. You must be thinking WHY? Even though high energy is used during this procedure, the skin and tissues face no damage!

What Is Electrolysis?

 Electrolysis is also a popular hair removal treatment. It involves the use of small needles with an electric current to damage the patient’s hair follicles and stop new hair growth. Usually, patients undergo multiple electrolysis sessions to achieve the hair-free skin they desire. The reason behind having to undergo multiple sessions? Our skin contains countless hair follicles, and the dormant ones of them might begin growing hair amid the sessions. Hence, multiple follow-up sessions are required to treat them all.

Why Laser Hair Removal Is More Beneficial Than Electrolysis?

Our cosmetologists at Dental Aesthetics are known to provide the Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Lahore. They usually treat patients who are confused between electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal Treatment. Quite honestly, we suggest them all to choose the latter. Here’s why;

  • Considering the fact that the hair removal lasers come in different sizes and wavelengths. They emit light pulses every second and they cover larger areas. Hence, the treatment is more efficient and quick than electrolysis, which uses needles.
  • Another reason why patients prefer laser treatment over any other hair removal treatment is that the patient undergoing can shave between the treatment. It works well on small hair too. Besides, the laser treatment targets melanin of the hair roots, ingrown hair, and any hair type. It’s different wavelengths make it easier to treat every skin type and hair type. So, whether your hair is light or thick, the laser treatment has you covered!
  • Most importantly, laser treatment causes less pain as compared to electrolysis. We apply a cooling gel to the patient’s targeted area before starting the treatment. Normally, it feels like you are being hit with a rubber band on your skin. Also, the pain is very minimal. On the other hand, electrolysis treatment inserts an epilator device into the patient’s skin. We know, this not just sounds but feels painful, even when just reading about it. The hair is removed individually from their hair follicles and the procedure takes too long to deliver the desired results.
  • Usually, the electrolysis treatment takes somewhere between thirty to sixty minutes. However, laser treatment is much quicker. The session only takes around ten to fifteen minutes on average, depending on the body area treated.
  • Once you undergo an electrolysis session, you might experience swelling, redness, inflammation, or ingrown hair on the targeted area. However, after the laser hair removal treatment, one might only experience minor swelling or pink skin. Other than this, another major problem of the electrolysis treatment is that it cannot be done on wider body areas, and might leave scars in some body areas.
  • With most patients, laser treatment only requires around four to eight sessions. However, for electrolysis treatment, the patient might have to undergo almost thirty sessions.
  • During the laser treatment, your targeted areas’ surrounding skin will not be damaged. Our cosmetologists adjust the laser device according to the thickness of hair and the targeted area of the body. To get the best results, we suggest our patients follow a proper after-treatment care routine. You will have to limit sun exposure, wear sunscreen, and wear loose clothes in case of body hair removal.

Why Choose Dental Aesthetics For Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment? 

When it comes to your skin, it is important to get treated by the experts. Getting rid of your unwanted hair and that too with a laser is a complicated, delicate, and care-requiring medical procedure. Hence, it needs to be performed by experts. We, Dental Aesthetics, are the leaders in providing laser and aesthetic skincare treatment in Lahore, Pakistan. On top of this, our Laser Hair Removal Treatment Price is also very reasonably affordable for all.

You have been planning to get rid of those irritating unwanted hair on your face or body? Book a consultation with us TODAY. At our clinic in DHA, Lahore, we have the latest laser technology that is safe and guarantees the best results. For more information about the Laser Hair Removal Treatment Cost, give us a call or visit our clinic.