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Laser Teeth Whitening – Everything You Need To Know About It

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 Laser Teeth Whitening – Everything You Need To Know About It

Everyone dreams of flaunting a bright smile, with uniform and aligned teeth. Your teeth are not aligned or you have any other dental issues like a gap between teeth? We assume that you are looking for ways to achieve an attractive smile. And this currently has you wondering what are the Advantages Of Clear Aligners over the traditional metal braces? Whether your teeth are crooked, crowded, or rotated, Clear Aligner is the solution to your dental needs. At Dental Aesthetics, most of our patients choose to get Clear Aligners because:

They Are Invisible

One of the most obvious Benefits of Clear Aligners is that they are almost invisible. Yes, you will not have to wear those clunky wires and brackets that ruin your overall appearance. For the teens, facial appearance and clothing are the major concerns. So asking them to wear metal braces for a year is likely to affect their self-confidence. However, from what we have noticed, those who wear Clear Aligners face nothing as such. Instead, their self-confidence is boosted.

Talking about adults, facial features are just as important for them – as for Millennials and Generation Z. For instance, if you are someone in a highly visible occupation, such as marketing or sales, you will surely want to make a good impression on everyone. And your overall appearance plays an important role in it – your teeth too.

A wide smile shows others that you are trustworthy and welcoming – an important factor in today’s world. Hence, no matter where you work, your one smile goes a long way towards building good relationships. Considering it all, wearing braces might stop you from smiling big and get in your way to achieve more personally and professionally. However, if you choose to get Clear Aligners that are invisible, you can flaunt a wide smile while your teeth are still under orthodontic treatment.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

No Compromising On Food

Along with being an Affordable Invisible Braces option, Clear Aligners also make eating easier. Patients can simply pop them out, put them in a case, and eat in peace. Other than that, the good news is that Clear Aligners will not come in the way of you eating your favourite food. You can eat all you crave by just removing your Clear Aligners. Though with metal braces, here is the list of food a patient has to avoid eating:

  • Chewy and rubbery food like chewy dragees or dates
  • Food that sticks to the teeth like caramels and gums
  • Brittle foods like popcorns and nuts
  • Hard vegetables and fruits like ripe apples, corn on the cob, and carrots
Affordable Invisible Braces

Easy To Clean Teeth And Maintain Oral Health

Because patients can remove Clear Aligners whenever needed, they can better care for their teeth, which is not possible when wearing metal braces. So if you plan on getting Clear Aligners, do not worry about your oral health getting compromised. You can simply remove the Aligners and keep up with your brushing and flossing routine.

On the other hand, it is quite easy to imagine how the brackets and wires of metal braces can trap food particles in between the teeth. Therefore, people who choose to wear traditional metal braces to be extra careful with both – diet and oral health. So why not embrace the Advantages of Clear Aligners? The results will be surely worth it! 

Knowing The Results Beforehand

The best part of getting your Clear Aligners treatment at Dental Aesthetics is that we now plan and execute the treatment digitally using 3D Shinning Scanners. This means that our orthodontists take the dental impressions of patients digitally and plan the treatment accordingly. The benefit? The patient knows what to expect of the treatment because while taking dental impressions we also show them the future results in 3D. Such Advantages of Clear Aligners make them a better option as compared to metal braces. As to get metal braces, the dental impressions need to be taken on a mould, which is fairly uncomfortable.

Aligner Braces Cost

Length Of Treatment and Cost

Many patients who visit our clinic dream of a picture-perfect smile and aligned teeth – either for aesthetic reasons, to ensure better oral health, or for an upcoming special occasion. Clear Aligners are designed to provide such dental needs and straighten teeth in months, rather than in years with metal braces.

Moreover, as the treatment time is much shorter and results are quicker as compared to metal braces, the overall Aligner Braces Cost is also reasonably affordable for everyone. Lesser cost, few appointments, a promising orthodontic treatment, right? It surely is!

Want To Get Your Treatment Started?

At Dental Aesthetics, we use both – Clear Aligners and Metal Braces, to correct misaligned, crooked, crowded teeth and the ones with gaps between them. Are you still confused about which orthodontic treatment suits your dental need the best? Or you have any queries related to the Clear Aligners Cost? Visit our clinic in DHA, Lahore, or book an appointment with us to have our dentists determine which orthodontic treatment will work the best to give you a perfect smile.


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