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Why Undergo Laser Teeth Whitening To Achieve The Perfect Smile?

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 Why Undergo Laser Teeth Whitening To Achieve The Perfect Smile?

A perfect smile is something that many people wish to flaunt. Believe it or not, it is also the first thing others notice about you because distinguishes your appearance. Therefore, having a healthy and bright smile is important. But naturally, teeth get yellow stains on them, which look quite embarrassing. However, using the advanced Laser Teeth Whitening technology, we at Dental Aesthetics can fix all such flaws.

Even though there are products out there in the market that allow whitening teeth at home, nothing can be compared to the results of professional teeth whitening with laser. Over time, the treatment has become very popular among people seeking a Hollywood perfect smile that is bright and white. So, if you are also looking forward to getting your stained teeth brightened, read the blog and explore all the benefits the treatment offers.

Laser Teeth Whitening To Achieve The Perfect Smile

Laser Teeth Whitening – The SEVEN Benefits

One of the distinguishing characteristics of someone’s appearance is their smile. Hence, having a healthy one is more than important. It contributes A LOT to the self-esteem and overall well-being of a person. However, to maintain a healthy smile, one needs to have pearly white teeth – which demands undergoing the Teeth Whitening Pakistan treatment. It is not merely a cosmetic treatment but a major contributor in removing stains and plaque build-up around the teeth.

There are many at-home teeth whitening products available, like whitening strips, trays, and toothpaste. However, they all provide temporary results and can be harmful if overused. On the other hand, the teeth whitening treatment that we provide involves the careful use of a hydrogen peroxide-based gel applied on the teeth by our dentists. Then, the teeth are exposed to laser technology that excites the gel and removes stains. Still not convinced of the treatment’s benefits? We have them all listed right here – give them a read!

1.     Non-Invasive Treatment

Other than the laser technology, we do not use any additional appliance or equipment to provide teeth whitening treatment at Dental Aesthetics. This means that throughout the process and even after it is complete, no irritation will be caused to the gums, and they will also not bleed.

Besides, there are no post-treatment effects of Laser Teeth Whitening, making it a gentle, safe, and non-invasive treatment provided under expert supervision. Therefore, rather than using over-the-counter products for whitening teeth, get it performed by professionals at our dental clinic.

Non-Invasive Treatment

2.     Immediate Results

Teeth whitening strips brighten teeth immediately, but the results are not lasting. However, when you undergo Laser Teeth Whitening, in just one sitting, we produce visibly brightened teeth – many shades whiter than the previous stained colour. In rare cases, we ask the patient to visit the clinic for multiple sitting and give them the desired whiter shade of teeth.

3.     Long-Lasting Effects

With laser technology, the whitening effects last for longer – almost for years. However, the longevity of the results also depends on the oral care routine the patient follows post-treatment for a perfect smile. Therefore, after the treatment, we recommend brushing teeth regularly and using mouthwash daily; to prevent plaque build-up and stains from appearing again.

4.     Painless & Quick Procedure

We perform the teeth whitening procedure on a patient at Dental Aesthetics in one sitting, which takes almost an hour for completion. It is painless, quick, and guarantees great results. Ideally, by undergoing the teeth whitening treatment, one can achieve teeth that are several shades lighter than the original colour very easily.

Oppositely, over-the-counter products like whitening strips and toothpaste take too long to deliver results as they are slow-acting and require many applications to achieve good results. While comparatively, the results you will achieve by getting teeth whitened with a laser will be more sustainable and quick.

Painless & Quick Procedure

5.     Effective Method

Laser Teeth Whitening is an effective method that improves the shade of discoloured teeth for a perfect smile. Visibly, it reduces the yellow stains on the teeth that appear because of the age factor, plaque build-up, and excess intake of beverages like tea or coffee. Thus, making the teeth appear shades whiter than before – thanks to the laser technology that penetrates deep and removes stains.

6.     Safe Treatment

The teeth whitening specialists at Dental Aesthetics take proper precautions when providing the treatment. To maintain complete safety, they use a rubber shield for the gums of the patients and neutralize gels – ensuring that the gums, tongue, or mouth are not affected in any way.

7.     Increased Self-Confidence

We believe that the better someone feels about their appearance, the more confidently they meet others in their social circle, family, and at work too. Hence, if you are not smiling or communicating properly with others just because your teeth are stained, get teeth whitened at our dental clinic. You will not only look good but also feel better. All in all, undergoing teeth whitening treatment is an affordable and quick way to boost your self-confidence.

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Considering all the benefits listed above, Laser Teeth Whitening Cost in Pakistan makes a worth investment treatment. It will brighten the teeth and improve your overall oral health – giving a pearly white smile.

However, before you undergo the treatment, consult with us at Dental Aesthetics, and we will let you know if it is the right option for you. To book your appointment, give us a call TODAY or visit our dental clinic.

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