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Best Lip Filler Certified Cosmetic Dentist in Pakistan

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 Best Lip Filler Certified Cosmetic Dentist in Pakistan

Implants, lip lifts, and dermal fillers are cosmetic treatments people in Pakistan are getting these days to enhance the look of their lips. Naturally, some people are born with thin lips, while some experience it as they age. Regardless of the reason, the Lip Filler Cosmetic Dentist at Dental Aesthetics can add structure, volume, and shape to such thin lips with Lip Fillers. It is one of the safest, non-invasive, and affordable cosmetic treatments that we provide to those who are not happy with how thin their lips look. Want to get fuller and perky lips but not sure if you should go ahead with getting lip fillers? Here are some reasons why you should not hush away from the idea now and get your dream lips! 

Lip Fillers in Pakistan

1.  Enhanced Appearance 

One of the major benefits of getting Lip Fillers in Pakistan is the improvement the cosmetic treatment makes to the facial appearance. Fuller and plumper lips can make you look and feel younger, and who does not dream of going back in age? Other than the age factor, the improvement in appearance also boosts the self-confidence of a person if they are not happy with how their lips look when in personal, professional, or social circles. 

2.  Natural Plumpness

Getting the Best Dermal Fillers Services in Lahore at Dental Aesthetics means you will get natural-looking plump lips. These fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, which is a substance produced by the body naturally. Since it is a natural substance, there are no chances of getting bruises on your lips with the fillers. They are naturally absorbed by the skin. However, to maintain the natural plumpness of the lips, we suggest visiting us approximately after every six months to get the fillers replaced. With regular visits and checkups, the natural look will be consistent, and we will make sure that you do not experience any bruises or side effects with the fillers. 

3.  Gradual Results 

Natural lip filler treatments at our clinic are usually given over a period of appointments to give the perfect lip shape – which means that the results are gradual. Safe to say, this option is very appealing for all those who do not want instant plumpness in their lip shape and are not sure if they will really like the fuller lip look. If you are also one of them, do not worry about the results. Once you start the procedure at our clinic, the Lip Filler Cosmetic Dentists at Dental Aesthetics will have you over for several appointments to give you the desired plumpness to your lips. Rest guaranteed, there will be no discomfort associated with the procedure, and you get the size of your thin lips changed with fillers. 

4.  No Side Effects 

Side effects and allergies are very rare when it comes to hyaluronic lip fillers. However, whenever a patient visits us to undergo the procedure, our Lip Filler Cosmetic Dentists make sure to discuss their known medications and allergies during the initial consultation to choose the right filler. In case there is a chance of a patient being allergic to the filler ingredients, we might first do a patch test by injecting a small amount of filler in the arm – and then only the procedure begins. 

5.  Fast Recovery 

Most people who get lips fillers can get back to normal day-to-day activities just after a day of undergoing the procedure as the recovery is fast. However, considering the impact the procedure can have on the overall appearance of a person and their self-confidence, we suggest getting it before any other cosmetic treatments. Because you would really want your other features to complement your plump lips, right? 

6.  Consecutive Treatment 

Normally, the results of lips fillers last for up to six months. However, for long-lasting results, you can undergo the procedure consecutively. After every two to four weeks of your initial session, you can visit our clinic and get the fillers re-filled for the best results and have a foundation for further cosmetic treatments. 

Lip Filler Cosmetic Dentist

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Lip fillers are the most popular cosmetic procedure that people undergo these days. Although many facial and cosmetic surgeons offer these services, it is important to get lip fillers from experienced ones we have on board at Dental Aesthetics. While the procedure price might vary from patient to patient, the results we provide are always loved by our patients. And when it comes to procedures like giving lip fillers which involved a lot of techniques and experience, you should consider us only. 

We perform the procedure professionally at our clinic in DHA, Lahore, and give our patients a dramatic and positive impact on their overall appearance by enhancing the lip shape and size. So why the delay in getting your dream lips when Lip Reshaping Surgery Cost and Treatment is also very affordable? Book your appointment with us TODAY! 

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