Dentist for Nervous patients in Lahore

We know and appreciate that dental phobia or a fear of the dentist is a very common anxiety which many of our patients experience. Dental Aesthetics takes pride in being the ideal Dentist Clinic for nervous patients as we can help you to feel comfortable and calm during our dental treatments. Alhumdulillah, with the experience of more than 1,200 operations in sedation among our dentists, you will be in safe hands.

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How do we calm nervous patients?

For some, dental care seems impossible due to the dread and anxiety caused by challenging or horrifying past dental experiences or the duration and complexities of certain dental procedures.If you feel nervous, scared, or uncomfortable when you get to the dentist’s practice, then you are not alone. There are ways to educate you about your dental procedure. Rest assured, there are ways to calm your nerves, especially if you are scared of even going to the dentist but still need and agree to dental treatment.At Dental Aesthetics, we care that you feel absolutely comfortable and confident during your visit with us. We recommend conscious sedation to provide the much-needed relief to undergo an oral health visit to overcome dental phobia, paving the way to achieve clinical success. You will never need to feel nervous visiting the dentist again, InshAllah.


A periodontist has 4 additional years of training & education after completing the bachelor of dental surgery. We are experts, equipped with the latest techniques for diagnosing patients with gums disease.

Complete Care

We have complete periodontal treatment which includes the gingiva - gums, alveolar bone, cementum, & periodontic ligament. We offer bone grafting, sinus lift, and full mouth rehab with dental implants.

Modern Equipment

We are experts, equipped with the latest techniques for diagnosing patients with gums disease. We have diode laser for the perio condition, which helps in treating disease. We are also trained in cosmetic perio procedures.

Emergency Ready

Having an oral emergency can be a very traumatizing experience, that's why our medical staff & experienced dentist is ready to help any kind of periodontal disease 24/7. No need to worry about any oral emergency.

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What are the different types of dental sedation?

We at Dental Aesthetics, can help boot out your dental fear and anxiety when you sit on our dental chair. Nowadays, there are 3 different levels of dental sedation recognised all around the globe which may help you to understand better. It includes:
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Minimal Sedation

This is often referred to as changing your mood. With this kind of sedative, you feel calm, and you are responsive to verbal commands and totally unconcerned about the dental treatment.
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Conscious Sedation

This is where you are more deeply sedated, and you become drowsy and a tad bit sleepy (some may even sleep intermittently), but you are responsive to verbal commands, and feel calm.
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Deep Sedation

At this level of sedation, you may become unconscious. This level of sedation is not allowed globally, for sedation outside the operating room in hospitals and is not allowed in dental surgeries at all.

What is Conscious Sedation?

At Dental Aesthetics, we understand your concerns and we take them very seriously. Hence, if you understand how conscious sedation works, you will feel at ease when undergoing dental treatment.
Conscious sedation is designed for making the patients feel at comfort, safe and calm during dental treatment. Administration of sedatives results in becoming sleepy, drowsy, and pain-free. While you are in an ideal state of relaxation, you are not completely unconscious at any point during the dental treatment, which means you can communicate with your dentist at this time.
Conscious sedation is achieved with intravenous agents such as opiates, benzodiazepines, other sedatives, and anesthetic medications, usually administered into a vein, or by inhalation sedation agents such as nitrous oxide.
A sedationist is present to watch your essential signs and ensure your safety throughout the procedure, so you can trust that the vitally required precautions are taking place during your treatment with us.

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How Long Does Sedation Last?

Have no fear. The effects of the sedative will slowly wear off during the day. However, the sedation length depends on the treatment you undergo and the procedure. A recovery time of 20 to 30 minutes will be observed in our care before you are ready to get discharged. Mostly, patients recover from the sedation within 24 hours and return to their routine activities.

What do recovery and side effects of sedation look like?

Don’t worry. Conscious sedation comes with a fast recovery time as compared to general anesthesia. Side effects are mild and rare as well. The most common include:
• Nausea and vomiting
• Headache
• Muscle pain
• Sore throat
In fact, most of the patients recall feeling mild side effects and are quite satisfied with their experience of conscious sedation. If you are concerned about the possible side effects of sedation, or possibly you are a nervous patient, please feel free to communicate your concerns with our Best Dentist in Lahore who will put you at ease.

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Can anyone undergo conscious sedation?

As with any anesthetic medicine, the option to undergo conscious sedation is determined by the patient’s need, health, and the dental treatment procedure that they are getting. From a medical viewpoint, if you are a healthy grownup or have controlled medical conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, or hypertension, you can get conscious sedation. However, if you have any uncontrolled or significant medical conditions like severe heart disease or obesity, getting an assessment is important to know if getting conscious sedation is suitable for you.

Which patients should undergo conscious sedation?

Conscious sedation is generally available for dental treatments at Dental Aesthetics. It is the right option to consider in instances like:
  • Regular dentistry investigations (endoscopies or biopsies)
  • When the patient is anxious and needs assistance to overcome fear
  • History of traumatic experience during treatments in the past
  • Uncomfortable and extremely painful dental treatments
  • Complex, prolonged, and invasive treatment procedures
  • During specific treatments that are not painful but require staying still

How do we prepare our patients for conscious sedation?

Conscious sedation is generaWe put our patients at ease right from the moment they schedule an appointment with us, till the time they leave the Dental Clinic after their dental treatment. Our patients receive pre and post-treatment advice during the first consultation before the treatment procedure begins. Commonly, the following guidelines are recommended to patients by our dentists to prepare them for conscious sedation:
  • No solid food for 6 hours before the treatment procedure
  • All the patients should take clear liquids until 2 hours before the treatment procedure

What are the treatment options for patients having dental phobia?

Conscious sedation is always evaluated with the other available sedation options, like local anesthesia or/and regional anesthesia, behavioural management techniques with local anesthesia, and general anesthesia.Also, the dentists at Dental Aesthetics do not put any pressure on the patients during consultations. They are always involved in the decision-making after getting an explanation of all the available sedation options. Remember: We always prioritize providing excellent services while making the patients feel at comfort. Moreover, our approach towards dental phobia is modern and ensures that the patients remain calm throughout the treatment procedure. Besides, If you are a patient with diabetes and follow a strict eating schedule, inform our dentists about it during consultation.

Which dental treatments can be performed under conscious sedation?

Basically, any dental treatment can be performed under conscious sedation. From basic procedures like Teeth Whitening Services, Scaling & Polishing to complex cosmetic treatments like dental implants, Wisdom Tooth Extraction or even bone augmentation can be performed under sedation with the experience of a sedationist.

How sedation dentistry works step-by-step?

The pre-requirement for a successful sedation dentistry treatment is to clearly plan it. An initial dental check-up at our clinic and the determination of an accurate treatment plan are required before sedation as we do not change the treatment plan when the patient is asleep. Only when the financial and medical aspects of the treatment are agreed upon by the patient, we call them in for sedation dentistry. By then our sedationist will have decided that you are a suitable candidate. Once you are safe and calm, the local anesthetic will be injected carefully for ensuring a painless dental procedure. In case you are a nervous dental patient, we will make sure that the local anesthetic starts working before the dental work begins. After the treatment procedure, the sedationist will reduce the number of drugs and wake you up. You will only need 10-15 minutes to be fine again to leave the premises of our Dental Hospital In Lahore.


Scaling and root planning procedures are to be considered effective if the patient is subsequently able to maintain his/her periodontal health without further bone or attachment loss. The long-term effectiveness of scaling and root planning depends upon a number of factors. These factors include general patient health, patient compliance, disease progress at the time of intervention, probing depth, and anatomical factors like grooves in the roots of teeth, concavities, and furcation involvement which may limit visibility of underlying deep calculus and debris.Once the periodontal pockets exceed 6 mm in depth, the effectiveness of deposit removal begins to decrease, and the likelihood of complete healing after one procedure begins to decline as well. The more severe the infection is prior to intervention, the greater the effort is required to arrest its progress and return the patient to health. Diseased pockets over 6 mm can be resolved through periodontal flap surgery, performed by periodontist at Dental Aesthetics.