Oral Hygiene Matters


Oral Cavity is a gateway to our body, we need to take care with good oral practice. Systemic diseases like diabetes are directly related to the oral cavity. We must maintain oral hygiene and cleanliness for a longer healthier lifestyle.

Tooth Brushing And Flossing

Dental Hygiene Kids Tooth Brush

It is very important to eliminate plaque from the mouth by brushing your teeth twice a day. Flossing and brushing is the key for a healthier oral cavity. It helps you in removing the food particles and debris between teeth and gums hence removing the bacteria.

It is recommended by the best dentist in Lahore to brush your teeth before going to bed at night and then in the morning. Dental Floss is preferably used to remove food particles stuck between teeth and is usually done after a meal or at night.

Types And Selection Of Tooth Brush

Best Toothbrushes

Brushes are of 2 types. Manual and Electric toothbrushes. They are based on ease of use. Either Brush has bristles that could be soft, very soft, medium or hard. Don’t use a hard brush. Moreover, bristles may vary in sizes. Few being short or long or alternating short and long bristles in a single brush.

For Standard use, Toothbrush with Soft alternating long and short bristles is advised.


Tooth brushing is a 2 minutes job that everyone should follow for better Oral hygiene. Following the proper method with gentle force is ideal.

To know on how to keep your oral hygiene maintained, make an effort and book an appointment for a smiley tomorrow.