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PRP (PLATELET RICH PLASMA) is plasma derived from blood, which is centrifuged to remove red blood cells. It is a process of tissue regeneration in which recruitment of cells at the injury site, increase in collagen production and acceleration of hyaluronic acid enhancing skin elasticity for rejuvenation.

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It is an autologous product, which is used, in facial rejuvenation. PRP also helps in reducing hair loss and hair growth.  Plasma is rich in proteins and clotting factors which helps to clot blood easily and to stimulate synthesis of new healthy cells to promotes healing for hair loss (PRP injected in the scalp to promote hair growth), filling up hollowness under eye and anti- aging. Main purpose of PRP is loss of volume in cheeks, puffiness and sagging jowls. At Dental Aesthetics we perform this procedure systematically starting off with:


  • Patient’s history, which plays a vital role in assessment of his blood, profile.
  • Base line tests are assessed (bleeding and clotting time)
  • Blood is withdrawn from your arm using septic measures using 20 cc syringe
  • Placed in the centrifuge
  • After 10 mints in the centrifuge 3 layers are formed
  • Platelet poor layer
  • Platelet rich layer
  • Red blood cells

Platelet rich plasma is withdrawn and injected at the site of use (in the scalp for hair growth or) for facial rejuvenation. At Dental Aesthetics we perform PRP, which is a non-invasive, and non-surgical to harness the power of your body stem cells to regrow new healthy cells for healing of skin from scars Acne and Facial rejuvenation.

There is no need to be scared of needles; we apply anesthetic gels, which are placed to numb the area of the scalp, or face the PRP is to be injected. At Dental Aesthetics we provide painless procedure. We make sure the patient is aware of the procedure plan its treatment and the results. It is all planned and patient Consent of the treatment is important part of the consultation with our trained Facial cosmetic Surgeon. The PRP and its consequences are very effective in

  • Scarring, acne hair loss facial rejuvenation saggy lost collage space on the face
  • Loose skin
  • scalp baldness

Plan a visit to Dental Aesthetics, we can provide you with the best non-surgical facial lift in a single visit. For more information write, contact, email or visit for Consultation. We believe in providing best of non-surgical alternative to facelift in a single visit.

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