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Rely on Dental Aesthetics for easy and pain-free tooth extraction procedure

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  • Rely on Dental Aesthetics for easy and pain-free tooth extraction procedure
 Rely on Dental Aesthetics for easy and pain-free tooth extraction procedure

Pain Free Tooth Extraction

Tooth Ache is one of the most painful experiences one can go through. Dental pain should not be taken lightly, a visit to the best dentist in Lahore can treat the cause of pain with possible treatment options such as removing the underlying cause and preserving with a simple filling, root canal therapy, etc. However, if the tooth is diagnosed with irreversible tooth damage and cannot be saved, the dentist will advise pain free tooth extraction.

Tooth extraction is a safe and painless dental procedure. Whether it is a decayed, impacted or wisdom tooth, single or multiple teeth, our consultant oral surgeon for tooth extraction is the best in town. We offer the best painless tooth extraction procedures.

Doctors at Dental Aesthetics are highly concerned about our patients’ make sure to provide a comfortable treatment experience. We believe in minimal Invasive dentistry and advice our patients accordingly.

Why require a Tooth extraction?

There are many reasons as to why tooth extraction is required. When a tooth is diagnosed to be damaged beyond the limit to save it and the infection is likely to spread, Tooth Extraction is the definite solution.
Some of the reasons for tooth extraction are as follows:
• Tooth decay
• Teeth damaged Due to Injury
Periodontal diseases
• Wisdom tooth removal
• Replacement Decayed Tooth By Dental Implant

pain free tooth extraction

Tooth Extraction Procedure

It is normal for an individual who is unaware of the procedure to be anxious. Dental Aesthetics, best dentist in Lahore advice & offer painless extractions. Believing in minimally invasive treatment, Dental Aesthetics uses the latest system such as piezo ultra-surgery for such procedures. The use of high-end equipment with top-notch Oral surgeons, we can guarantee our patients painless tooth extractions.
The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia so the patient is awaking yet pain-free. After the dental extraction procedure, we will guide the patient about the tooth extraction aftercare instructions.

pain free tooth extraction

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