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Everything You Need To Know About The Root Canal Procedure

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 Everything You Need To Know About The Root Canal Procedure

Are you advised to undergo the Root Canal Procedure at Dental Aesthetics and are looking for every necessary information related to the treatment before undergoing it? In this blog, we have discussed everything you might be concerned about and should know about. From the symptoms that you need the treatment to the procedure, how it relieves tooth pain and saves the smile – we have it all covered right here. Stay with us and read through the blog to make a fully informed decision without having concerns in your mind.

But First – What Is Root Canal Of Teeth?

On the outer side, the teeth have the first layer of enamel, the second of dentin, and a softer core inside going deep into the jawbone roots. The core contains dental pulp consisting of blood vessels, odontoblasts, connective tissues, fibroblasts, and nerves. When a tooth decays after it is not taken care of well, the decay reaches the softcore. Thus, causing inflammation and infection at the same time. Only a Teeth Root Canal can save the tooth and end the decay.

The root canal is a procedure that involves removing bacteria from the infected and inflamed root canal of a tooth, to prevent it from getting damaged further. Once our dentists remove the infected pulp, the inside of the treated tooth is carefully cleaned, disinfected, and filled to seal the space. Therefore, saving the natural tooth. However, the question is, how can one know if the pulp inside their tooth is infected? Let us tell you about the symptoms indicating that one needs to get a root canal.

Which Symptoms Show That You Need Root Canal Treatment?

The guaranteed way of knowing if you actually need to undergo the Root Canal Procedure is by visiting us at Dental Aesthetics. Though before that, to keep a check regularly, watch out for the signs we have listed below, because early detection means a tooth can be saved by treatment.

  • Continuous Tooth Pain
  • Hot & Cold Food Sensitivity
  • Swollen Gums
  • Chipped & Cracked Tooth
  • Tooth Discolouration
  • Loose Teeth
  • Sever Pain While Chewing
  • Bumps On Gums
Root Canal Treatment

How We Perform Root Canal On Patients?

Experienced endodontists at Dental Aesthetics perform the Root Canal Procedure on patients. They are highly skilled specialists in the field of dentistry who focus exclusively on treatments that relate to the pulp inside teeth. Below, we have a breakdown of the steps involved in the procedure:

  • To determine the signs of inflammation and infections in the bone of patients experiencing Root Canal Pain, we take an X-ray. It is focused on checking the root canal shape and involves the use of local anesthesia for numbing the area near the tooth. However, during the procedure, the patients are kept awake and the anesthesia only helps with numbing the pain.
  • Next, a rubber dam is placed around the tooth to be treated by a dentist. This keeps the area free of saliva and dry throughout the treatment procedure.
  • Once the area around the tooth goes numb, the dentist carrying out the procedure creates a small opening on top of the tooth – the Crown, using laser technology or a drill.
  • After drilling, by using a special dental tool which we call Files, the damaged pulp is removed, and the area is cleaned to ensure it is bacteria-free. The root canal sides are also scrubbed and scraped clean. Alongside, as the procedure is carried out, we also spray water or sodium hypochlorite in the treated area to flush away debris.
  • When the area is shaped and well-cleaned, an endodontist fills the root canal with a material that is biocompatible. After filling, for ensuring that the root canal is properly sealed, we place a block of adhesive cement – followed by some more filling on the initial opening that was created.
  • In the end, we discuss with the patient if they need to undergo any restoration work that the tooth might need. For instance,  a dental crown or any kind of restoration that protects the tooth.

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Normally, mild Tooth Pain After Root Canal remains for some days because it is a major dental treatment procedure. It involves deep cleaning the tooth canal which irritates the nerves around and gums until complete healing. However, the pain is not permanent and subsides after some time.

Since the pain patients experience after the procedure is mild, at Dental Aesthetics, we prescribe them over-the-counter pain relief medicines. If the pain lasts for longer and is continuous, we advise visiting our dental clinic in DHA, Lahore.

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful

What Happens Post Root Canal Treatment?

When the procedure is complete, for the initial days, patients feel sensitivity because the surrounding tissues get inflamed. Normally, the Pain After Root Canal lasts some hours or a maximum for a couple of days. However, still, the results of the treatment depend on how well the teeth are taken care of by the patient. Some must-follows after the procedure are:

  • Avoid chewing and eating with the treated tooth for a while
  • Regularly floss, brush, and use a mouthwash
  • Visit our dental clinic regularly for checkups

Planning To Undergo The Treatment?

To conclude, even though the Root Canal Procedure leads to fear and minor fear, it brings a lifetime relief from the pain. If you are experiencing the symptoms that we have mentioned above, we advise visiting Dental Aesthetics as soon as possible for a diagnosis. Our dentists will provide you with the BEST dental care at every step – from consultation to diagnosis, treatment procedure, and aftercare. To undergo the treatment and end the pain book your appointment with us TODAY!

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