Need for Root Planning for Removing Etiologic Events

One of the primary reasons behind root planning in Lahore is the removal of the etiologic agents. If not removed, these agents can cause inflammation to the gum tissue and the area around the bone. Removal of Dental plaque and calculus is the primary factor that helps in the treatment of root planning in Pakistan. Root planning cost depends on the extent to which the patient has to undergo the treatment. However, this procedure is non-surgical, which helps completely removal of the causative factors and leading to healthy periodontium and is highly recommended for patients with periodontal disease.

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Our dentists have specialized in root planning. It is crucial for patients with periodontal disease in order to protect the teeth and periodontium, prevent further damage, to improve the aesthetics of the teeth, and therefore improving the wellbeing of the patient. We help in the removal of bacteria and food particles responsible for the periodontal disease and persistent bad odor in the oral cavity.

Complete Care

The dental team of our clinic fully understands the needs of each patient. We empathize with each patient, listen to their concerns, and advise them root planning in Lahore while keeping their specific requirements into perspective. We have trained nursing staff always willing to do the extra bit to make you feel comfortable and try to provide dental treatments with minimal or no pain.

Modern Equipment

There is no excuse for using old technology when technologically advanced equipment is available to facilitate the patients and eliminate any unnecessary pain. The use of ultrasonic teeth cleaning and scaling instruments helps reach those difficult areas and ensures complete removal of any harmful bacteria and deposits. We don’t use manual tools because we don’t want to give our patients a painful experience of undergoing

Emergency Ready

We understand the importance of any dental emergency. Thus, we are fully equipped, staffed, and ready to deal with all cases of such painful nature. There can be different reasons for which you may need to get dental emergency treatment in Lahore like temporary fillings placement, beginning tooth therapy for relieving pain or extractions. Get in touch with us, so that we can help you quickly get rid of all such painful dental emergencies.

Root Planning and Why You Must Consider Undergoing the Treatment?

Periodontal Scaling Root Planing

What Should You Know About It?

One of the vital parts of our overall health is healthy teeth and gums. Root planning in Lahore by Dental Aesthetics aims to give personal attention and care to the requirements of each patient. Our dental team works hard to give you a healthier, germ-free mouth. The dentist will discuss with you the root planning cost and accordingly schedule the treatment over time. Don’t let small oral health issues spiral out of control to cause bigger problems for your well-being.

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