Why Live with Bad breath or Halitosis. Get it treated, You Can Get Rid of It.

If you or your partner or anybody who has bad breath should get it treated. There are so many different causes and reasons for bad breath. The most important is to get it diagnosed by the best dentist in Lahore. The specialist will need to see the patient clinically. Bad breath causes could be due to oral or other body related diseases. Patients on medication or psychogenic reasons patients feel they are suffering from bad breath. Bad breath takes a toll on your daily life at work and personal life relations. Bad breath causes vary from one patient to the other as we make sure to diagnose the exact cause. We at Dental Aesthetics provide bad breath treatment with latest diagnostic tools for normal healthy confident life.

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Taking Care of the Bad Breath Cause

There are many reasons behind bad breath cause. In some cases, bad breath treatment is in the hands of the patients. They need to make changes to their oral hygiene to get rid of this problem. However, one of the most critical aspects of treating bad breath is the correct diagnosis. For example, the tongue alone often gets neglected as one of the reasons for this problem. The back of the tongue can accumulate harmful bacteria responsible for the issue. The back of the tongue has a rough surface, which can easily become a place for harmful bacteria to reside.

Dentist alone cannot help you overcome this bad breath. You also need to make a proactive effort to maintain good oral health for reducing bad breath. Sometimes, when you don’t have a clue for the reason behind it, you are missing on the food. Some foods and even medications can also become responsible for bad breath. Also, keep your dentures cleaned since they can sometimes store odor-causing bacteria. The bad dentist work can also be the cause of bad breath. Bad dental work or non-serviceable restorations can be the cause of bad breath. The gum disease can cause bleeding and pockets which can be the cause of bad breath. We offer complete care from diagnosing the cause and eliminating it by professional care on regular visits. We advise on dental hygiene check-ups every six months. For best advice please book an appointment for complete care of bad breath.


At Dental Aesthetics we understand the complex causes of bad breath. Our specialist will help you to diagnose different types of Bad Breath. A thorough oral examination to find an exact reason. It involves the specialist to find the causes and methodical approach to treating with the improvement of Oral Hygiene

Complete Care

Can you prevent bad breath cause? Yes, you can overcome it. However, if don’t see your dentist on regular visits. Your oral hygiene habits and treatment does need fixing, you need to get in touch with the best dentist in Lahore.

Modern Equipment

The use of the latest technology helps us properly diagnose and quickly eradicate the bad breath cause. Dental Aesthetics relies on the latest technology, which helps us accurately detect the VSC level, enabling us to create a personalized treatment plan.

Emergency Ready

Dental Aesthetics staff is trained to deal and treat with a dental emergency. In case you are suffering from bad breath, don’t delay it any further. Your delay can affect your oral hygiene and it can become a lot more damaging or just socially but orally as well.

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